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[App] iHour – Habit & Skill Tracker

iHour  iHour helps you plan & track your time spending on habits. You can record things like Play Guitar, Read Book, Coding, Running etc.

The app supports daily reminder, countdown timer, up to 10 years long-term planning. Special designed Achievements help you achieve your goal.

10000 Hours to Master a Skill.

Special Feature

Daily Tracker: Record your daily activities by hours & minutes
Task Planner & Reminder
Time Statistics: Visualize your efforts
Achievements: 80+ Achievements are waiting for you
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iHour user reviews :

Oh my god,tnk u so much 4 the update.I eagerly waited for this.The UI is awesome.Theres only 1 glitch with the focus timer.When I turned the TIMER in FT,i left it around for 1hr&when I opened the app it showed 3min 44sec,I was shocked but when I saved it,it showed the right time 1hr30min.I thought the glitch is when the SCREEN is turned off and opened again the app shows the time when the screen was awake&continuing from there.plz look in to it.But truth tobe told It will def CHANGE ones LIFE

Great app to track time usage. Latest feature is great, but there are some bugs. Please fix the bugs.

Great app, especially after the last update that introduced cloud sync. It’d be great if the pie chart were dynamic, changing based on time selection (i.e. week, month, quarter). I’d like to use it to spread my time equally among the topics I’ve been studying/practising lately. The way it’s now, it takes into account everything since the beginning and there is no way to tell quickly how much time I’ve spent on something I’ve been working on for 3 months vs something else I started a month ago.

Excellent app, really motivating. I have not guessed yet, if it possible to synconize across different devices. Maybe would be nice, if would be also the time of the day in “history”, otherwise I sometimes forget, if I have already put the current number there or it is what was the last time later in the day.

This is a really nice app. The only thing I wish it had is a way to enter a preliminary number of hours spent on a skill. I have a number of skills I had been working on before I got this app and it would be nice if I could add my own starting point so the tracking is more accurate. Besides that, this app works really well and I enjoy using it.

Im very happy with this app. Exactly what ive been looking for in keeping track on how long I do my tasks. Simple and on-point. With cool graphics and stats. Im very satisfied. Suggestion: is there a way to add a timer, which automatically updates the total time spent on the task without having to put it up manually?

Really great and helpful app on tracking hours of doing something. I use it to track courses studied hours. The only missing future is, there is not many color(icon) to create difference in each item, So some items get the same color which is create bad chart experience.

Its a very nice app but it would be better if we were able to ad notes fir description of each task or even ading goals. If we had option for measurment scales that would be done for example if we could choose other scales than minuite we could add goals like “reading 10 books this year”.lets not forget being able to add a deadline or having is great too.

Why is it when I open the app, I repeatedly get a notification pop up with alarm? I made sure the notification for my task is turned off but no matter how many times I swipe the notification pop up away, it keeps popping back up until I close the app. Everything else is working well.

Very good app, except when clicking on the bar graphs for how many hours I have worked per day or week, some of the days and weeks (where I have recorded hours) do not show up in the list. This is pretty problematic. Please fix!

I love this App, works very well. Great analysis, a lot of functions. It will be great sync with any cloud service like mega, dropbox… “please create sync cloud service”

Good but of all activities’s icons available but I would like it had also the icon “To pray/oration”. Theres icons only for”playing”, “eating” , “working” , “sleeping” “go shopping”, “go vacation” , “buy things”, etc etc but please add also “To Pray” ‘ s icon… Thank you…

Excellent. Time accountability makes me accelerated towards my goals.Medals concept Is really enthusiastic. Graphical representation gives clear&real picture about my journey towards my goal. Thanks for creating this App.

Amazingly simple and helpful app. All I would suggest is adding achievememts for 10,000 hours.

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