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IMDb user reviews :

The user interface is very sleek and organized, easy to navigate, you can even search for information within the app by tapping the Search button on your phone..

A helpful guide Very good in one read see all over the movies which one coming soon & what’s the rating. Which one release already. Overall its very good and helpful app.

Easy, fast, fun Countless times I turn to IMDB to find the names of actors or actresses and any filmography they’ve been in to see more of their performances as well as directors in the same way. all the info you ever need in one spot. one of my most used apps, thank you for the hard work you put in to gather this information

Last Update 09.01.2014 :

 Road to the Oscars® section now includes live results during both the Golden Globes and Academy Awards® broadcasts
 Now you can join a new Google+ community for the IMDb Android app which includes beta testing for new versions, user feedback, a user community, etc.
Join here:

Download IMDb :



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