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[Game] Immortal Heart

Immortal Heart  Discover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!


A town bustles with news of a young woman’s abduction. Having lost your younger brother two years previous and sensing a connection, you begin to search for leads. You find yourself at the doorstep of a man named Vis, who has been said to have information on anything that you could ever want to know. Vis agrees to tell you about your missing brother, but only for a price… that is impossible for you to pay. Vis extends to you an offer: “Take this luggage and get on the train that I tell you to.”

The next day, you board an overnight train where you meet two men who introduce themselves as Luchino and Alto. They tell you that they are investigating a secret organization and warn you to be careful because its members are on board. That night as you are resting in your compartment, you are approached by hooded men. They threaten you at gunpoint and demand, “Where is the wine!?” The two men from earlier, Alto and Luchino appear and it is soon clear that they are also looking for the wine.

What exactly is this wine and why are all these people after it? Will you be able to get any information on the whereabouts of your brother? Eternal beauty, Immortality… what do these words have to do with you?

A young man working together with Alto. He is knowledgeable and kind, but it is apparent that he has his own share of secrets. His goal is to find the “wine recipe” and destroy it.

Alto is confident and energetic. He is always the one to cheer you up and look out for you, but also shows a more sensitive side when he talks about his younger sister. He is working with Luchino in pursuit of an organization called Nosferatu who have their eyes on the wine.

The person responsible for involving you in the wine incident, Vis is infamous in the underground as an information source. Despite his notoriety, however, he does not seem to enjoy dealing with other people’s privacy or enjoy the reactions of his clients. His real intentions are shrouded in mystery.

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Immortal Heart user reviews :

I like this game, however again these games are outrageously expensive! In the ads do not work if you want to get extra points to earn rubies. You only get about three or four ads in and then it tells you there’s something wrong with the game. So, in other words unless you want to pay a couple of hundred dollars this game is not for you. Just being realistic

Like the other otome game this company makes,this one is among my favorites so far! I finished playing this a month ago but I still haven’t gotten over it. The high quality graphics, animations, plotline, characters are absolute masterpieces,even though I kinda got devastated due to the lack of rubies,no problem with the story tickets though, still an awesome game! I am speechless through and through and I deeply recommend this game to all of you, keep up the great work Genius Inc.!

I love the game. All though it’s a but slow in the bigging loding screen. I like how it leaves you on cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. But at least it gives you 3 tickes in the bigging you have to wait to get more when you run out but I feel like thats the best part, you also get to pick you’re own name too. I also like the min game. I love the game of much

I remember years ago when I was addicted to otome games. The first genius game I played was a game called “School Wonders Romance.” Remember it? As you know, along with every old genius game, it no longer exists. I was devastated when I found out you deleted all of your games. But as a fan, I decided I’d give the new ones a go, only to find no cgs! Your games used to have the most beautiful ending CGs! I still have some saved. Please add them to the new games and/or bring back old games! Please

I’m not really use to rate in any game but this, I really love it, it does make me emotional and i cried for real.. I don’t even want to end the story, i waited for 2days just to reach the gems i need (I suggest if its okay to play more ads to get points) all are worth it but please make more season 2 of this. They are all precious to me Especially Luchino.

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