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[Game] Imperial Royale

Imperial Royale  Framed by wicked court officials, your father has been caught in a political abyss of deceit and betrayal.

In order to save your family, you steel your heart and sever all ties with your childhood sweetheart. Fighting your tears back, you embark for the looming palace…

The royal court is a labyrinth of treacherous conspiracies – a single misstep would invite disfavor, or worse. You are forced to fend for yourself, and to contemplate on how to garner even the briefest of glimpses from the Emperor himself.

Meanwhile, faced by the honeyed blades of the many frivolous princes who clamor for your attention, how will you plot your path?

Imperial Royale is an otome game set in an eastern dynasty, complete with exquisite art. Weave through a story of twists and turns, for your choices are intimately intertwined with your fate. Against the schemes of your deadly concubine competitors, will you turn danger into destiny, gain the favor of the Dragon’s Chosen, and rise to ultimate power?

Defy the heavens and take control of your destiny in a story of trials and tribulations.
In a court of hidden daggers and poisoned tongues, with no one to rely on, how will you, one who has been burdened by her father’s crime, overcome her most dire challenges and rewrite her fate?

Splendid Outfits Fit for a Queen
Choose from all garbs of gold, silk and satin, and present your most magnificent self in the court of political war.

Love Blossoms with the Seasons
The meticulous Emperor, the enigmatic scholar, the stylish prince, the gentle physician… from strangers to confidantes – who will be your one true love?

Keep Your Wits About You
Beauty isn’t all that is required in the Inner Chamber. Your every move must be calm and calculated. Your strength lies also in your trusted retinue, who will uplift you onto the throne.

Will you rise to the regal occasion and earn the affection of the imperial court, or become a sacrificial pawn banished into obscurity? Become the author of your own palace life.

Imperial Royale user reviews :

I would rate higher but every time I buy food for my pet, it does not record what I bought. Fix this please! I have spent a lot of silver with any product to show for it. Yes I had made sure I had enough. Mysilver goes down but no food for my pet.

It’s an additive games. Story also is interesting and the dresses are so beautiful .overall it’s an wonderful game to play.But what I don’t like is that Only few players are in the top always in every competition every contest.. U can’t beat them no matter how you try. Also slapping and spreading rumors should not be classified as beauty contest.. I don’t understand that..

The story is interesting and the game easy to play BUT as soon as you start to play you will be attacked by higher ranked players with no way to hit back which is a seriously unpleasant way to start. As a result I’m thinking of uninstalling because the bullying is appalling

love it, theres so much to do, and its not overly easy nor overly hard to keep advancing in the game, you can chat with other people playing, and the graphic are amazing. edit: ive been playing for about 3 months and im a count 3! i havent paid any money at all, no vips, no specials, just played it as it is. i highly recommend to give it a try

I’ve been playing this game and its been fine but all of a sudden today (3-29-21) its messing up, like every 20 seconds it says there’s a server error and/or the loading timer has taken to long and the game stops and goes back to the loading screen. I would give it 3 stars but now how am I supposed to play it?

I can’t purchase anything from the store with my credit card or gift card. It used to work but now it doesn’t let me buy nothing. I am very unhappy because I absolutely love this game otherwise. I have made 3 attempts to reach the customer service support but no one gets back to you. Other than this the game is great very fun and entertaining!

I can’t buy anything anymore as my transactions are being denied for days on end now. My characters even starts to turn into black squares. Please do fix it otherwise I’ll just stop playing this game. Which I’ve been playing for over a month nearly two.

I love this game! I play it every day! the only thing that confuses me about the game is the destiny stones that you use in “otherworld” but I dont even know what otherworld is. no one else knows, and I’m a baron III almost count I, and even my friends who are count III dont know how to use them. I have 60+ destiny stones. I just want to know, what is otherworld and how to use the destiny stones?

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