Infinitode 2 – Stand against infinite number of enemy waves

[Game] Infinitode 2 – Infinite Tower Defense

Infinitode 2  Every game in this Tower Defense strategy game (TD) is endless – stand against infinite number of enemy waves for as long as you can!

Complete the story line for great rewards.

Simplistic, well optimized, tiny in size but overfilled with features: 14 different types of towers, 11 types of enemies, bosses, miners, teleports, barriers, modifiers, resources…
Over 40 different levels with leader boards and plenty of quests – no endless grind!
Towers gain experience, abilities, different aiming strategies and can be heavily upgraded
Miners can be used to dig out Resources for new global upgrades
Map editor can be used to build any map with resources won for each game.
Music tracks are stored in maps and played with synthesizer! Players can create a great map with any music and share it with others.
Huge permanent upgrades tree (over 300 different Researches).
Many trophies (3D!) for completion of hardcore quests
Detailed statistics for each game
Synchronization of saved games with PC or any other available device.
Game can be passed to unlock a Developer mode with infinite possibilities!
No ads, everything can be unlocked for free!

Infinitode 2 user review :

This is what a mobile game should be – not swarming with ads, no brainless finger-swiping, no clones of another game with just a slight aesthetical change to make it “different”… This game took what it had and made it their own, making sure to have varieties of towers, abilities, levels, music and more while keeping the mechanics simple and enjoyable. The few in-app purchasables aren’t ridiculously expensive, and the game is easy enough to settle into without dropping $300 to reach level 2. 5*

Great game. 1.8.0 was a BIG and lovely extension, great story mode, great towers and weaknesses that make sense, and amazing research system. Only flaws are that some quests take a LOT of time (MOE: Money spent on towers), the Research Tree is unusually hard to complete with all the Resources you need, and the Daily Levels and Stage 6 Levels are a bit too hard. You need a sublime strategy to complete 6.2, and worse yet, get another star on 6.1 to access 6.3. 9.4/10, would recommend to TDers.
  • Prineside
  • Hello, Brady. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will rebalance some towers in future updates. Contact me by mail sup.prineside[at] if you have any ideas for improvement the game. Have a nice day
This is a really good tower defence game. I feel like I haven’t explored enough of it yet as I’ve been spending hours trying to figure out the mechanics of the first few guns and the ludicrous research tree. So far I’m loving everything, except that it almost feels like it wants a really big screen (I’m using an s20, and it feels a wee bit cramped, which makes finding some information difficult) but aside from that, I’ll keep playing to find out if it’s worth the 5th star!
  • Prineside
  • Hi, Colin. Indeed, a lot of information is difficult to fit on a smartphone screen. You can try the Steam version of the game, it is no different from the mobile version of the game, except for an improved interface. All your data will be synced. Contact me: sup.prineside[at] if you have any questions. Thanks for the feedback!
New update really throws a wrench in the free to play portion of this game. Under the rate I have been unlocking research, I can barely move forward in the new levels at all. When I go online to see what other players are trying they all have all the researches unlocked and far more starting money. I get that with free to play I might not be the highest on the leader boards,but I should at least be able to play every level.
  • Prineside
  • Hello, Mark. Sorry by that. Contact me by mail sup.prineside[at], I need your help to fix this problem. Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t leave many reviews for games but this one is down right awesome! It’s offline so that’s a plus, there are little to no ads in it, and if you like strategy games this is a really good one to play cause it’ll make you use your noggin.

I’ve played many td games before, and I can safely say that this is by far the best of them. Graphics are simple, but this has everything a td game should have, and even more. Gameplay is really balanced. The number of towers, they’re upgrades, abilities, etc is impressive. And the music, it’s in my mind all day long. There are daily quests, rewards, runs perfectly offline. Doesn’t flash too much, but this game is a gem.

Absolutely fantastic game. One of the better tower defense games I’ve ever played. Yes, it’s a bit “grindy” – you’ll spend a lot of time to progress very little. But it does progress. Incredibly well put together and thought out.

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