Infinitode – Defend your base from the crowds of enemies

[Game] Infinitode – the Infinite Tower Defense

Infinitode  Meet the first mobile Infinite Tower Defense (TD), where you can build more than a thousand towers at the same time!

Вuild different types of towers to defend your base from the crowds of enemies, unlock new levels and hundreds of global upgrades, try to get to the higher wave!

Game features:

Huge level maps for up to 1,024 tiles!
Map editor
Hundreds of different global upgrades that constantly affect each game!
Every level is endless, higher enemy waves give more prizes
Tower tiles have bonuses for different tower characteristics
Made in the best traditions of Tower Defense genre
Completely free – everything can be unlocked and upgraded using in-game currency, which is given after each game

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Infinitode user reviews :

This is what happens when a developer paints themselves into a corner. They want to make a deep game but they end up making an overly complicated game with a ridiculous progression system that does not let you actually progress. Spend days or weeks trying to get to the next upgrade only to find out that it did NOTHING. Want to undo it? Too damn bad. Back to the grind. Maybe your next days or weeks will not be wasted…

Haven’t tried the second game of this but this has been already the best TD game I’ve ever played. Great strategy game but somehow there are some unbalances. You can just use 2 basics and an air at early round and use miniguns, blasts, multishots, missiles, cannons, airs, poisons, and freezes post round. They’re really good to take down certain enemies but splash and sniper is completely useless as they do really small damage. I have 30 hours playtime and passed wave 700 (currently at wave 712).

Look, it’s a cool concept but it messes with things in this genre of tower defense that you don’t mess with. Basic enemies scale each wave so it never feels like your tower gets more powerful, game balance is awful making the only tower that is useful the basic one and progression is so slow it may aswell not be there. It’s not awful, but it just isn’t a very good tower defense game.

This game blew me away. I have many more happy hours of gameplay and talking strategy than I can remember. The downside is that it is a bit complicated with no clear instructions (repaired in Infinitode 2) and after a few levels, you feel aimless.

Great tower defense game for casual gamers. It helps that you can leave and pick back up in the middle of the game if you’re on the go. There’s a rewarding sense of achievement the longer you play both in the leveling up of towers as well as the opening of new boards.

I love it. Thought it would be my favorite app, but towers randomly stop functioning, and it’s game breaking.

All in all this was a pretty good game, but i’m only giving 4 stars because the game is pretty unbalanced. The basic and anti-air turrets are the only thing you really have too use, I really think there should be more balanced turrets. (P.S. I think tere should be more turrets, more upgrades, and more general variety, but that’s not a complaint.)

Very good game. I think what appeals to me is the fact that you have to manage multiple towers and upgrade them effectively. I’m sure I could write a paper on how this could very well be a game that teaches you how to organize your wealth and resources and also about allocation of assets to counter changes in environment. I purchased the doubler pack and I think its definitely worth it. Kudos to the developer for providing me with entertainment.

the game is a good construction. I’ve enjoyed it plenty since I started. But the fact is, it doesn’t lice up to its true potential. The furthest I’ve made it on any map has been with 4 Air towers and the rest Base towers. versatility doesn’t pay off. the other towers need to be stronger and possibly cheaper, the upgrade trees should be far longer, and there need to be more maps. It’d also be great if there were more stats available, like DPS. This game can be better, with very little effort.

love this game so so SO much. the best tower defense on my phone and I don’t see why I’ll delete it, small file size. infinite gameplay. love the variety of towers and upgrades. very balanced. there are no ads and no one asks for money (which these guys deserve let’s face it, someone worked hard on this) a great free offline TD. LOVE the map editor mode…thats what really makes it good, wish the tiles were faster to place. how can it get better..? I’ll find out in infinitode 2 I guess!

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