Influence – Challenging your tactical and strategic skills

[Game] Influence

Influence    This addictive strategy game with easy and cool Risk-based gameplay challenging your tactical and strategic skills!

Enjoy the ability to battle your friends, random maps, and clear interface: just imagine a spreading virus or warlord capturing new lands!

5 map sizes

All maps are generated automatically and are unique in Influence. You can play on S, M, L, XL or XXL maps.

Unique game modes

Unique modes are available for your fun game. There are darkness, symmetry and online rating!

4 AI levels

Conquer in Influence up to four enemies. Every enemy can be from Freak to Master. It’s up to you!

Statistics and Top-10

You may view detailed statistics of games with online rating mode. Raise the influence points and brag your friends that you in Top-10.

Multiplayer on one device

Play in Influence in a big party! Add your friends as enemies and compete with them on one device.

Duels Beta: Online multiplayer

And new mode – Duels! It’s online multiplayer face-to-face using the Internet. Play with your friends at any time.

Online Rating is on! Beat your friends and become the best influencer! ;)

Influence user reviews :

this is probably my favorite mobile game ever! There are justcclear and simple game mechanics. Best thing about it is there’s no predatory ads or micro transactions put in, NONE! the only ads in here are optional ones. only criticism is the poor multi-player as there’s hardly ever any matches to be played, but I doubt that’s the developers fault.

I’ve played almost 6k matches so it’s safe to say this game has kept my interest. The only way to win tournaments is to watch ads and sometimes those ads have the ability to auto direct you to the app store without user input, which I find outrageous. Also the game constantly freezes my phone, sometimes causing a glitch that loses me the game. Overall a great game with some implementation issues that cause a lot of pain.

Wonderful game. But in any map size larger than medium, the coloured cells don’t show numbers at default zoom. I have to zoom in to see the numbers, and then zoom out again to view the whole map. Can this be fixed? ### Thanks for your prompt response, and for promising to fix this.
  • Teremok Games
  • We’re actively working on a completely new Influence 3.0 and this issue is addressed there. It’s available in beta – you can opt-in on the games page on Google Play and revert back to the stable version at any time. Please, only do so if you enabled your google account in the game – your data will be safe this way.

I’ve been playing this game off and on now for years and I still consider it a favorite. Timeless and always fun for to kill a little time. Start and stop anytime, no long levels. Elegantly simple yet genius in presentation and game play.

Great game, but it has its issues. Music randomly plays even though I have music turned off in the settings. In addition, I have to use the colorblind mode because the blue and green are way too close in color.

Still no fix for a xmas tree map that keeps crashing game at startup. Joining tourny require finishing the last map you where on but if that map crashes the game then cannot join weekly tournys

I love this game and the strategy behind it, when it works. But during tournaments I get to the point of wanting to delete this game, when every single time the enemy manages to somehow overwhelm my points that have higher numbers then they do, and then when I try to take back what I lost, still with higher numbers, 9/10 I lose my bigger force and still don’t manage to take it back, even when the enemy constantly wins against high number forces, and magically breaks through where I have plenty.

Fun! Nice way to pass the time. I wish that green was the last color added, instead of the first. With a blue light filter it’s hard to differentiate between blue and green, and in color blind mode, the numbers are hard to read in green’s triangles.

I enjoy the game and play it frequently. But one thing that really annoys me is that there are comp matches that are completely unfair. I don’t even want to play the weekly matches anymore because you almost always start out with less influence than everyone else or you are put in a very poor spot so there’s not even a chance of winning.

Good game. Need to work on math tho. How does ai beat me with a two and I have a five

  • Teremok Games
  • The game logic is that every cell has a power. During the attack or defense every power item generates randomly value from one to six. If the sum of these values is more than defender’s then cell is captured. So, the more power items cell has, the more chance to capture enemy’s cell. We hope that you will understand the game. Thank you :)

Well made variant of Dice Wars.

  • Teremok Games
  • Yes :) Actually we developed our game in inspiration of Cell Wars, and you’re right it’s gameplay based on both Cell Wars and Dice Wars.
Fun game! I like how you can choose different ai for enemies. Plays nice and fast on my phone.
  • Teremok Games
  • Thanks for your review. We’ll do our best to make our game more interesting and fast =)

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