Inifinity Arena – In another infinite time and space

[Game] Inifinity Arena – Idle RPG & Multiplayer TD Strategy

Inifinity Arena  The masterpiece of the new year 2021, summon heroes between heaven and earth, legendary mage, ancient behemoths, evil undead, super armor, demon lord, and even the king of gods, all will follow your orders and embark on the journey together to break Nightmare in time and space!

In another infinite time and space, the dark demon’s plan has made the world’s creatures burned. The end is coming, and all things hold on the last fortress fighting.When star tail fall in the white sky and the dim gems shining again, you, as the lord of the doomsday fortress, wake up! You will summon heroes in the expanse to save the world!

Note: This game requires an internet connection to play

Game Features:

Art of combat strategy
5 class, 6 camps, hundreds of skills, Different heroes + Different skills, can form the strongest lineup.
Easy idling
Don’t worry about AFK, idling also can give you rich rewards! Heroes will fight for you automatically when you offline.
Social Communication
It’s easy to communicate and fight with players all over the world in real time! You are not alone!
Exciting Guild wars
Create guild together, unlock new special team fight dungeon, every ally’s contribution is very important, exciting Multi-player TD mode!
Diverse gameplay, Generous rewards
Collect and cultivate mode, Guild wars, Expeditions, Unlimited plunder. Lead your heroes to dominate the world!

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Inifinity Arena user reviews :

Very nice afk game. It has all the good things which i want in an idle rpg – skip battle, vip level gain even as f2p, free summons for both common & grand summons, lv5 heroes being given as rewards, game runs very smooth even on my old android phone. 1 thing i would want increased is the hero inventory. 60 is way too small. Even 100 is not enough. Please increase to atleast 200.

I just found out this game and realized this game was a recycle from All Heroes. Devs closed down All Heroes without giving people compensation. I used to play All Heroes and spent money on All Heroes. I would not trust this company again.

  • Downjoy
  • Dear hero, it’s very pleasure to have your good review. We are so glad to see you have fun in our game. Please let us know anytime if you have any thought or suggestion about our game. Thanks for your comment, have a good day!

Latest Update :

1.Soul shop: Added optional 5-star upgradng material hero chest of 6 factions in Soul shop.
2.The store ushered in a new hostess, Miss Witch
3.Added optional heroes to Diamond Grail-Wishlist
4.Added “No more reminders today” function to Bounty Quest refresh.
5.Item: Demon Eyes, increase the tips of the way to get Demon Eyes.
6.Fixed the hero situation: Charlotte Corday, who cannot be updated to 10-star.
7.Other adjustments and optimizations.

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