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ISeeYouISeeYou : A smart program that keeps the screen on while you are looking your device.

This requires a front facial camera for face recognition. Ensure that your device is capable of recognizing your face. ISeeYou Lite version let’s you to start and stop the service without change the basic parameters such as the scan time or the scan delay.

ISeeYou user reviews:

It does its job fine. It’s just the other things it does which are the problem. It gets rid of my camera functionality and also leaves a stupid blinking eye on my notification bar. Could be a five star app if you fix these.

Conflicts with Face Unlock feature on ICS. I keep it installed, hoping the issue will be fixed.
The ISeeYou app is fine. Still needs to evolve to become great. Notification slot in the pull down needs aligning/tidying to match ICS style. Notification as to weather your eye has been detected or not is also needed.

Like the others said, it sometimes work it sometimes doesnt… It’s a very nice and potential app but i hope the devs keeps the updates coming before I make it 5 stars ;) Updated: After update, it works fine and hope more updates will come! Go devs!!

Excelent app! Keeps the screen on regardless of any lack of touch input. Kudos to the developer. Thanks for bringing the functionality of the GSIII to all other Android users!

This is working on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. If I’m in a dark room it’s not as effective but in normal light it works well. I’m going to continue with it for a few days then probably buy the pro version.

When I have this service running, I have issues with camera. When I start Camera app, I can see only black photo with camera gui and back btn does not working. I have to touch home btn and than run camera again, after this, I can see picture and take photos. When I turn off display and then run camera again, same issue happens. When I stop this service, camera works fine immedietly. I want to mention, I use rear camera for taking photos, do I dont know why this freeze happens, but I cant use this app :(

Yup, seems to work here when briefly testing it.. not sure if its doing the eye tracking thing of course as it stayed on when I held it infront of my face but not looking at it. Put it on the desk next to me (with me out of view) and it shut the screen off as expected. Thank you :)

ISeeYou application has access to the following:

Hardware controls

take pictures and videos
Allows the app to take pictures and videos with the camera. This allows the app at any time to collect images the camera is seeing.

System tools

prevent tablet from sleeping prevent phone from sleeping
Allows the app to prevent the tablet from going to sleep. Allows the app to prevent the phone from going to sleep.

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Paid Version:


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