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[App] Isochronic Tones – Relaxing, Meditation, Health

Isochronic Tones  Improve your mental well-being by means of pulses of sound that induce your brain in to states of alertness, concentration, relaxation or sleep.

The isochronic pulse is a sound that repeats itself with a certain frequency in order to induce mental states.

Enter a deeper meditation by listening to these audios during your meditation sessions.

Your mental state influences in your health. relieves your insomnia and gets a deeper sleep by listening to these sounds that go directly to your brain and help you to sleep better.

We have compiled a large selection of isochronic tones and grouped into categories such as: relaxation, health, meditation, spirituality and energy.

These sounds induce certain patterns of brain waves and help you to have a better concetration, These tones can be used before and after studying to improve the retention of information. Other sound patterns serve to relieve headache. and for more spiritual people, we can find a wide catalog of audios that assist the brain to enter into states of deep meditation, lucid dreams and regression of past lives.

Most of the audios compiled can be heard without headphones, but they are recommended in case of being in a noisy environment.

Isochronic Tones user reviews :

Wonderful app. Works great. Thank you for creating this app and offering to us for free. You’re all truly appreciated!! Update 9-12-21 Still LOVE this app and use it multiple times a day. The tones absolutely work. Works perfectly on Android, but have issues in iOS; tracks do not play. Is there any progress to correct this bug? Have several people who would benefit greatly, but app won’t work on Apple for some reason

I can’t say enough good things about this app. Such a wonderful find! Please developer realize you are helping people and never drop this app. I’m not one to praise like this but your app has me so relaxed.. I can’t believe it. Right now my life, like others is so stressful… Thank you so very much for the comfort you have brought. Already I feel so much more at ease. Sincerely, thank you. My ONLY suggestion is to please add repeat mode… Otherwise it’s perfect!

Very useful app, but I seem to have an issue on my Pixel 3XL where the sounds taper off in volume after about 5 minutes and eventually stops even though a sound is supposed to be 20 minutes. No obvious way to troubleshoot. Maybe something with screen unlock?

Great app, but is there a way to loop a track for more than one cycle? Example…for sleep?

Contains some great binaural patterns, most of which hit their mark. As somebody who does this kind of research for fun, I’d say this is as effective an app as I’ve found, however if I could change one thing, it would be the ability to change my time frames. I sit in meditation for hours. I understand most don’t. So, you could leave the 5-30 min suggestions on there but I’d prefer to set my own time frame. Good app though!

I find this application quite appealing, except for the fact that you’d have internet connection to upload each of the tones and there are plenty of tones. It would be better if the designer could upload each tones for once so the user won’t have the need to get online each time to listen to. Really, usually you gotta listen the beats while you’re offline. The sounds seem very neat but it would be better if we’d listen to them offline without having the need to upload each one.
  • ronin2ninja
  • Perdón, Hace una semana perdí el servidor donde se alojaban los tonos. Ya actualice la app Por cierto, en cada tono que te guste hay un botón de descargar alado de favoritos. con el puedes usar la app sin conexión.

I like the various sounds/tones and the descriptions for each tone. The subsections/folders are very helpful. Wish you could have a repeat option that would allow you to repeat a tone of your choice. The average tone is about 10 to 15 min long. You can download which ever tone you like and select your personal favorites. Thank you for this app I use it every day least twice. Thank you thank you Thank you!

It really works, I was a little skeptical in the beginning, I originally used the beats for studying I was having a hard time with memory and focusing and would have tried anything for it to help me with my homework and once I notice I was working I use them for relaxation and sleep and I am even going to start doing research on the extrasensory beats as well…Please try they will really help you!!

I think this is one of the best apps for this kind of meditations and I have tried a lot. My only suggestions would be: If the user could choose what frequency they wanted to meditate to. If the user could choose their background sound i.e rain, wind, thunderstorms Other then that, and with out those things this is a very powerful tool and tools are only good for you if you know how to use them.

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