Japanese Kanji Tree – Teaches you to read and write Japanese words

[App] Japanese Kanji Tree

Japanese Kanji TreeJapanese Kanji Tree teaches you to read and write Japanese words, beginning with individual kanji.

All functionality is completely free and without adverts.

See the full manual here: hextrex.blogspot.jp/p/kanji-tree-manual.html


Kanji Recognition Game.
Step one to learning kanji is simply getting them into your head. Play this multiple choice game and learn to recognise the symbols.

Just like English words, many kanji have several different meanings so this game shows three at random, although one will always be the most common meaning. If you take too long to answer, the game will show helpful hints about the component parts. You can also choose to play this game using the readings instead.

Master each of the Jōyō grades (1-6) and JLPT levels (1-5).

Word Reading Game.
Step two to learning kanji is reading actual Japanese words. Play this reading game to see if you can remember the meaning and/or pronunciation of words with kanji in them.

Almost all kanji can be pronounced in several different ways, depending on the word they’re found in. Sometimes kanji can form a word on their own, and sometimes they’re used in combination with other kanji/kana. You can choose the complexity of words to learn.

Contains vocabulary list for JLPT levels (1-5), and also the 8000 most frequently used words.

Word Writing Game.
Step three to leaning kanji is being able to write them. This is the best way to cement the kanji into your memory, and is very useful because they are easy to forget unless you use them every day.

If you don’t know how to write the kanji then you can press “Show Me” and the game will teach you, but you won’t get a score. If you try to remember but make a mistake then the game will give you hints, such as where the next stroke starts. Score full points by writing the kanji without mistakes.

You can choose to include single kanji, simple words, or words with more than one kanji in the game’s word list.

Dictionary Search.
Search a database of 6,356 kanji and 170,000 words, for meanings, readings, etc.
Can search by romaji or hiragana, pronunciation or meaning.
Zoom in on any component radical or kanji.
Show words containing kanji with a specific reading.
Includes stroke order animations.

At any time during the games or dictionary, you can tap any kanji button to zoom in to see detailed information about it. When you’re looking at a kanji, you can also tap on any of its radicals to zoom in further.

I’m just a single programmer writing this in my spare time, so if you like this app then please take a moment to rate it. You can also get in touch with comments or suggestions via the feedback button on the Options Screen.


Verb conjugation tutorial / tool.
Search by drawing.


Japanese ↔ English word dictionary:
The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group

Japanese ↔ English kanji dictionary:
The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group

Kanji stroke database:
Ulrich Apel

Icon design:
Monica Casu

Japanese Kanji Tree user reviews :

I’ve taken a few semesters of Japanese, but we never got too deep into Kanji. This app is great for both practicing Kanji I already know, and for learning new ones! They separate it into three sections- recognition, reading, and writing- and keep track of which Kanji you consistently get right, and which you’re having trouble with, so you can practice most efficiently. Exactly what I was looking for!

Awesome app to learn to write Kanji! I used to practicing writing Kanji on paper but it’s too slow and not as effective as this app. It will be even better if you have a stylus, but finger is ok too! The recognition and reading practice are also very helpful. This app even has no ads!  Best free app to learn Kanji! Thank you, dev!

Amazing flash Kanji… One bug tho.. haven’t experienced yet on other area’s.. but, at the end of every game for the 6th grade Kanji my app Freeze’s or locks up.. an update on that is needed so I don’t have to keep restarting app every time it locks up.. Again super great for a free version and Soo helpful.. plan to get the pro version as soon I can..
  • Andrew SJ InnesOctober 4, 2018
  • Can you use the “Email Bug Report” feature, to send me your save game? I’d like to track down that issue you’re having.

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