Jewel The Lost Viking – Lead your clan to a whole new world

[Game] Jewel The Lost Viking

Jewel The Lost Viking  Become a challenging Viking and lead your clan to a whole new world.

Explore a beautiful, mysterious and fascinating world.
A lot of adventures are waiting for you!

Relaxing, addictive and easy to play
Awesome and strategy game with more than 500 stages
No need for hearts and internet connect!
The most fashionable graphics in 2021
Strong and helpful items

If in-game does not save, the data will be initialized when the application is deleted.
The data is also initialized when the device is replaced.
It’s a free app, but it includes in-game currency, items, and paid products such as removing advertisements.
Front, banner, and visual advertising.

Customer Service: enp_cs[at]

Jewel The Lost Viking user reviews :

This is an awesome game. I’m at level 50. There are very few ads. This in itself is great. There are lots of bonuses, a lot to help you through. I’m 80 years young and enjoying this immensely. Thank you Things were going great till I got to 192. This one said I was out of moves, but I still had some left. So I opted to watch a video to get 5 more moves. When the video was finished it didn’t give me my extra 5 moves. I’ve done this twice. I will try one more time,. If it does I will have to quit

Would be my favorite Jewel game if not for the fact that the purchase ad’s free which is more expensive than most of these games it broke the login and it offline modes while on wifi alot. Plus the watch videos for special items drops coins too often when it should never at all if the videos even work plus saving game can be annoying due to it being offline for no reason.
  • ENP Games
  • Greetings, thank you for playing [Jewel The Lost Viking]! We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced while playing the game. Thank you for your feedback, and we will try to correct any inconvenience as soon as possible. If you have any other problems, please contact us through the customer centre. Best Regards.

Like this game great way to unwind after working. Very entertaining. Helps to get away from the chaos going on in the world right now also.Highly recommend this game. So far no problems and not many ads to annoy you.

It is a amazing game. But when the reward comes up. You usually dont get them. Which is a bummer. After every level. There is a advertisement. Some are long some are short. Blah!

Honestly, I’m totally hooked on the Jewel series of games. Some I like better than others., But I’m really enjoying this game and can’t wait to see what future levels bring.

It is a very fun game it’s hard to quit the game when you need to quit it’s like eating potato chips you can’t just eat one potato chip so go ahead and play the game

Gameplay fine. But advertisers went to full 30 sec ads without 5 sec opt out. Enjoyed the game….but not pushy ads. Uninstalled.

Ratings ars asked too early in the game. Please no flying boxes or stupid time bombs that are not fun. Also the brown colors are not distinctive.

Great graphics and makes you think little bit,pretty easy, gives more stuff to eliminate with than other games

I am so enjoying this game I’m 76 and it keeps my brain active loving all graphics I don’t know a lot about games but loving this one thank you xx

I am just playing one day . It started fine and no problems however as I play to the higher stages I might encounter problems same as I encountered in other games. As a good start I give 3 stars. As I progress good. I will rate 5.

Though it’s hard to understand the game. I try to go with what the pictures show. They help me with the game play

A good game, enjoyable, gripping, nice graphics, interesting.

So far so good will uninstall only when I’m disappointed with game, still ok with game,getting harder tho.

Very addictive game. I love the theme because Im a norse pagan.

Have given 4 stars ,super game would have given 5 stars…… only there is a glitch with the Special Gift …… When I click on it , it goes black and says waiting to show the video but a video never comes up so no free gift forth coming hopefully you can fix this fault if so I will change up to 5 stars . Thank you

Enjoyable game but with a lot of your games videos will not play to gain bonuses items or money yes i know it’s free and yes we need to help developers but when bugs are said to be fixed a few levels on it reverts to please wait for video or oops a mistake loading try again later it eventually gets wiped, thank you

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