Jobmania Eternal Dungeon – How far can you go

[Game] Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon  Pick a Hero and a job then embarks on an eternal journey of dungeon descending .

Acquired random abilities and job through the journey and build your own unique play style.
How far can you go?


Rogue lite, procedural enemies and event generation
Dungeon crawler, descend into dungeon as much as you can
Strategic deck building and turn-based combat

300+ Heroes, 200+ jobs, 700+ abilities, and 20+ Chapters
Acquire and add random abilities  to your deck via chests and defeating enemies
Equip 3 jobs at once, swap, and use their ability strategically for powerful synergy!
Purchase job material to craft new powerful jobs
Get new heroes from Gacha (Enemy Heroes defeated from the last run are guaranteed for one/Ten standard draw!)

Free with ads and in-app purchases, remove all ads with one purchase.
Portrait screen only, you can play this game with one hand

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Jobmania Eternal Dungeon user reviews :

It’s actually a really good game with quite the depth, the UI could be better and there’s a lot to learn, but once you get into it, it’s really fun seeing how far you can go with new jobs you’ve made synergizing with the heroes you select. I’m writing this review without even going past the 100th floor yet, and I’m seeing you can go to the thousands. I’ll definitely be playing this for awhile, and silently hoping for a cleaner UI in the future.

The gameplay is great. Although its take a long time to upgrade heros, it then depends on the strategy and build you use. The job limiter also makes it easier to strategize, just that the abililities are hard to fit to the build(but thats normal). Only problem i have is the balance in the library, thats floor30+, the enemy are so powerful, even more than floor40+. Other than that, music, art, gameplay are all great.

Best game ive played a sucker for mobile games and have been looking for the right ome for a long time now. This is it. Could use some more updating but its the first mobile game that doesnt beg you to pay money for it and you can easily get everything you want just as easily without paying money for it. The developer of this game should be very proud

I really like it, but I’m probably done playing unless there are some future changes. Main complaint: I don’t like having to start from Floor 1 for character progress to count. Also starting from floor 1 takes forever, with no challenge until floor 80(my character is level 15) Possible Fix: make all progress count and let us start from the level after the last boss beaten (or earlier level if we choose with 2 random jobs.) I will keep an eye out for future updates, good luck!
  • Aubrey Puan
  • I see, this is very fair, let me see what i can do

Simply Perfect Rougelike Card Game there is, the Jobs are rewarding and once you get into certain levels, it gets more challenging and fun. There are times that I hate my rng luck because of rolling 2s in a row on Power Chests. So far, F2P friendly, you can buy at the store for convenience if you want to. Before the update, you can’t earn Essences other than completing quests, but now, you can earn them just by playing the levels. Really liking the updates, hope to see more cool updates soon

What a neat concept. Executed well. My favorite part is the intricate nuances, doodle god with combat and rouge dungeon crawling. Taking advantage of the beginner gift was a HUUUUGE plus! I was able to get some super powerful heros, abd extra rare materials that i still dont know how to use! All in all, a great time sink. Well done, more playtime than my clash of clans in a day!

The art, the dungeon vibe and the gameplay is superb. But why there’s no longer upgrade option for my Odin after i upgraded him to level 10 with level 11 max level? Please fix it. Edit, I was a fool. I didn’t notice that max level cap increases tru dungeon levels. But there are still bugs in the game. Example, the protect buff won’t increase stack, and the max HP buff wont apply while having the max hp master buff. :(
  • Aubrey Puan
  • Hey those are not bugs lol, there are cap for every single buffs, you can check on the ? button for stack details. Join our discord if you need more help.
this game is good and fun yet challenging at the same time there is 2 problem tho 1. the discord invite link in the game is expired :( 2. idk if this is only a problem for my phone but the transitions between each screen is awfully long…im talking about taking 30 sec of blackscreen just to get in the dungeon and then take another 20 sec of blackscreen to get to market. if the problem lays on my phone then nvm all this. thank you for making this game
  • Aubrey Puan
  • Hey, sorry about that, but it might be really be ur mobile issue. Normally it will only take 2 to 3 seconds, because there are calculation behind the black screen. Here is the new discord link btw

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