Join and Strike – Survive this epic adventure

[Game] Join and Strike

Join and Strike  Grab your gun and enter the shooting arena!

Add new stickmen to your army to repel enemy attacks. Run with the crowd and shoot all the rival gang teams. Survive this epic adventure to clash against the ultimate boss. Ready! Set! Strike!


Addictive gameplay of stickman games
Simple and smooth one-finger control
Realistic ragdoll 3D stickman
Crisp hyper-casual graphics
Lots of addictive fighting games
Upgrade your stickmen and grow an army
Fight epic bosses and become the boss yourself
Build your defense base into an unbeatable fortress
Many abilities and weapons to merge
Amazing rewards and gifts.


Start running alone and collect warriors on your way. Become a strong leader followed by the biggest crowd in this city. Only the strong gang can clash with the beasts, so gather the massive squad. Merge weapons and unlock new gear to level up in battles. Combine your assassins to face the final stickman fight well prepared.


Fight your way through a vast number of enemies to survive the run. Throw grenades, fire shotguns, shoot enemies with unbreakable turrets or kill the stickmen with assault rifles. Choose the most deadly weapon wisely to defeat your opponents. Unlock your full potential to beat them all. Shooting games have never been more fun! Run fast! Shoot sharp!


When you’re done defeating assassin warriors in easy levels, the final boss of this gangster squad will challenge you to the ultimate battle. Transform into a brave hero gunfighter with a strong combat strategy. Dare to fight this bloody monster. Dodge and counterattack enemy shootings of the giant. Learn his attacks and tactics to better confront them. Keep track of the boss’s life meter and shoot him until the beast runs out of life. This city racing adventure will keep you on your toes till the very end!


Create your ninja army and upgrade troops to become invincible. Recruit new warriors using the coins you win. Unlike in multiplayer games, you need to gather as huge a crowd as you can all by yourself. Adjust the squad power, increase their damage level and enhance health. Merge weapons to get epic ammunition. Send your stickman warriors to the battlefield and tap “Fight” when your gangsters are ready. Be skillful to complete all increasingly difficult levels and destroy all opponents.


Like other 3D stickman games, Join & Strike can be played with just one finger! Due to the auto-aim shooting mechanism, it has a super simple control and is fast paced. Get your nonstop dose of intense bullet shooting, enemy killing and loot collection. Pick your phone, launch the game, run and shoot ninja enemies at your own pace.


The army of your opponents is growing nonstop. You have to build a strong base for your stickman! The stronger your headquarters, the greater chances of repelling enemy attacks. And this is just the beginning! New levels, artful traps and obstacles are coming soon! Join & Strike is an endless runner with a twist. Once make it to the finish line, unlock the bonus level with fun mechanics and special rewards.


It’s not enough to survive in shooting games. You must win this epic clash gang fight! These are crowd gun games, and the more warriors reach the finish, the higher the score in the final match. Collect point bonuses by killing multiple enemies in one shot. Gather coins to upgrade your warriors, level up guns, and pass the levels nonstop.


Powerful enemies are swarming all over the city. Become the supreme ninja gangster or stickman warrior and beat bad guys in Join & Strike. It’s an epic action adventure where you save the world by playing fun gun games! Create your fighter gang, lead a 3D army of runners and clash against rival teams. Crush your opponents and become the last superhero in the ultimate stickman fight.

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Join and Strike user reviews :

It was pretty good, there was a ad that showed a “protect the base” option, which wasn’t in the game

A good game but ads are when you clear stages that aint annoying though its just 5 seconds.

Was a really fun game at first but once you get to a certain point you can’t watch ads to open chest or double your coins. Which wouldn’t be a problem but you get to a point that you have to spend money to level up to get past anything. It let’s you put enough time into it that you don’t want to stop playing and throw it away. Can’t stand games like this. I have no problem deleting a game if it ends up like this no matter how much time I put into it.

Another of the ten million “watching constant commercials” game. A little time waster like this I would pay a buck or two to play, but they have options for 49.. 79.. 99.. dollar purchases… you are out of your mind if you think this game is worth that kind of investment..

So far, I like the game. I just turned off my wifi for no ads, and the game is really fun! I would recommend but if the ads are annoying then just turn off WiFi.

It’s a pretty fun game but there doesn’t need to be a video advertisement every time you win a game and then another to get x 3 on your coins.

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