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Journal it  Journal it is the best way to document our life, understand our past, present, and future.

Journal it! makes journaling on mobile never easier by securing your data, keeping everything organized, and providing the easiest way to start a new entry.

Superior diary/ journal experience:

Sync across multiple Android devices
Add unlimited photos to your entry
Pick recent photos to start an entry from the main screen
Automatically add geotag and places from Google Place
Lock the app by fingerprint or password
Export/import data to your persistent storage
Automatically backup data to your Google Drive private folder
Simple and beautiful Material design
Support migration from Journey (Diaro support coming soon)

Make your journal/ diary well organized:
Create a journey to quickly update the step to step progress of your journey and easier to look back later
Use activity for journaling on a specific topic (Gratitude journal, daily journal,… ) or logging the thing you do regularly
Group entries by tags, categories, people, and places
Search entries by content (title and text ) or by detail items (journeys, activities, tags,… )

Permissions Required:
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: For adding geotag and places to entries.
GET_ACCOUNTS: Sign in to Google Drive in order to backup your entries and photos.
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Import backup files.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Export and backup data manually.

Journal it! not only makes journaling easier but also exploit the power of your mobile device to make it available everywhere you are and secure your data forever. Download Journal it! today to embrace the journey of self-improvement and the better qualities of your life.

Contact us:
Use the “Feedback” button on the left panel of the app to quickly send us feedback, suggestions, asking a question, bug report. Our team will contact you for less than 24 hour to support you.
Email: thanhhai08sk[at]
Follow us on Facebook:

Journal it user reviews :

I like this app it a lot. I’ve used other journal apps & this one is the best in my opinion. My biggest wish is for a proper “on this day” feature. There’s some sort of flashback feature, but that only works if you have notifications on. You can search past dates, but there is no option for viewing all past entries on a specific day, & searching past entries by date is inefficient & doesn’t work properly. Also, it doesn’t play well with keyboards.

I have been using this app for a long time and I upgraded to premium 3 months ago. The organization, aesthetically pleasing display and customization options are definitely the things I love the most about this app. My only ‘complain’ would be that I really wish there were paragraph allignment (center, right and justify). Overall, I woudn’t change this app for any other of it’s kind!

I am still loving this app! It’s getting better all the time – really appreciate the functionality of it and being able to see everything all in one spot. The new web component is a great addition!!I’ve tried other journaling apps since finding this app but they always seem to missing a component I have enjoyed here! Tech support is helpful as well! [Original review] i am enjoying this app! easy to add entries and keep track of habits all in the same app.
  • Doit Apps
  • Can you give more detail on the sync problem? hai[at]
Cool APP. I love the UI esp. timeline style & the image color grading effect besides other qualities. • Request: 1. Enhanced Text Formatting: ⇨ Text Coloring & Highlighting. 2. Drawing/Doodle Tool. • I’ve tried many top/best rated Journal Apps to find what suits best for me; although lifetime payment option is a bit too expensive for a journal/diary APP, IMHO, that forcing me to stick to the subscription plan for now, but Journal it! is proven still one of the best. Thank You ツ
  • Doit Apps
  • Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

This is the best journaling app ive been able to find, but it has its issues. It required quite a bit of effort to figure out how it works at the start, could be more intuitive. Statistics should also be applicable to selection input in trackers.

I’m using this app for a few days now. Love it so far. I was looking for the easiest way to keep a log of daily events, thoughts, ideas, etc. This app fits this purpose perfectly. It’s so easy to take the phone out and dictate a few words as an entry. It can be done anywhere, at any time. The next easiest thing is a notebook and a pen, but the app, of course, automatically adds a timestamp and a place and makes entries searchable. The app offers a lot more than just a diary, but just the diary implementation is awesome. Have to admit that the app still needs a lot of work. There are interface inconsistencies and bugs that need to be fixed, some features are asking to be added. The author is very responsive and I trust it will get better. The has a great value for me as is.

Have been a beta tester. This looks excellent. However,after a little usuage it started crashing on miui 8.2.3 global stable. Please have a look.

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  • Appreciate the review!

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