Journey to Immortality – Wonder why this moon look so familiar

[Game] Journey to Immortality

Journey to Immortality  Ever look up at the starry sky and wonder why this moon look so familiar?

The breeze in your hair and the light in distance all feel so yesterday. No, not yesterday, but someday in your life, maybe in your childhood. Or are you living a moment that have already been lived. If so, do you want to break the wheel of the endless Samsara and embark on the journey to the ever-ongoing cultivation, the journey to immortality.

In this world, you can enjoy immersive experience of how the ancient taoists pursued the permanent goal since The Creation, that is immortality.

Incredible Skills
In this world, the beauty and profoundness of Chinese kungfu will unfold before you. As you level up your learning, you shall see the diversity of all the skills, with some inspired by animal, some given by celestial beings, and some invented from genius whimsy. Come and find out!

Various sects
Great aspiration entails hard work for sure, but luckily you are never alone. In this world, there are various sects/schools accessible where you could meet prestigious masters and even become their favorite student. With your talent and their guidance, you are bound to make a difference.

Lovely Companions
Some loneliness cannot be repelled by warmth from pals. During this ever-ongoing pursuit, you will seldom get a taste of such a feeling for there are lots of partners along the journey. There is a culturally accepted concept called as “dual cultivation”. Come and find out what it means.

Surprising Discovery
In this world, divine beasts can be spotted and tamed as your pet; precious spiritual stones hides themselves in the places your least expect; and rare herbs, celestial weapons, magical talisman… All awaits your discovery.

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Journey to Immortality user reviews :

Love this. I’ve been playing for 15 days and it’s very worth the time. But the thing is before I updated the app, it keeps on exiting and you have to open it multiple times to finally log in. Then after I updated it, it keeps on saying “network connection failed”. I hope they’d fix this because this app really has a lot of potential.

A wonderful idle game. I like the concept and this game just has enough of idleness that I don’t have to constantly open it. The progress I make through the game feels satisfying and has a weight. My only complain would be the texts, some are too hard to read (color, size). Although I think some features need more explanation, it’s not something you can’t figure out, but still, having an explanation is always better. Overall an enjoyable game :D
  • thanks for your feedback!

I dont know if this is a bug but after i watch ads for jade crystal and other percent stuff and energy restore it will say “network connection failed” then force me to main homepage where u will click log in even though the wifi is fast can u fix it? cause it’s hindering my gameplay especially when im about to breakthrough and i’ll watch the ads for 30% success rate then it will force me to main hompage,anyways good game

All around fun. There are transactions but as an idle game it gives enough that you don’t have to pay. With a little bit of patience you can get everything paying will get. Even then the costs stree a lot less then what I’ve seen on other pay to win games and those games don’t even give as much. Definitely a nice change of pace to the gaming community.
  • thanks for your feedback!

Nice gameplay.. Easy to understand for newcomer (noob friendly).. Not really harsh for F2P.. Nice chara design.. Need other alternative for account backup not only fb..

Ummm… The UI is nc graphics nc it is much more colorful or darker than the immortal tao so yeah i very much liked the voice lines its smooth and thing i really didnt expect anything from this but it indeed exceed my expectations somehow i think chinese games are rising hmmm… oh and also pls add a thing where you can choose what skill you use to battle enemies it will be more controlled and add some strategy in the game.
  • thanks for your feedback!
Good game but recently a problem has occured, I can log in but cannot start the game.
  • sorry, is it ok for now?
This is literally the best cultivation game I’ve ever played. People say that it’s a immortal Taoist rip-off but I think its not. Personally I prefer this over immortal Taoist.
  • Thanks for your feedback and support
It’s a great game. Everyone says it’s the rip off of immortal Taoist but I play both and they are different. Very similar mechanics but I prefer this one over immortal Taoist. It’s the perfect game if you want to experience cultivation as if you are in a WUXIA drama. It is simple and doesn’t take up much time. Each new day I spend about an hour completing all my daily rewards and stuff like that then afterwards I just go in time to time check up on things, point is it’s not time taxing.
  • thanks for your feedback! We are the original design

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