Just Pomodoro Timer – Stay focused while working

[App] Just Pomodoro Timer – Stay Focused

Just Pomodoro Timer  Just Pomodoro experienced first 3 months with awesome users!

We have updated regularly our app according to user feedbacks!
Excited even more for next months!
New features are already decided and currently under development!
Join us to share our excitement

Experience Pomodoro Technique with Us!


Fully customizable cycles, set your pomodoro session time, break time and long break time with cycles. You can easily set all of them with only 3 clicks!
Start your pomodoro timer to stay focused while working, studying, exercising! By visualizing your status, you will keep motivated.
While you are using our pomodoro app, you can keep screen on to see your status!
Just Pomodoro will warn you with sounds, you can always disable them.
If you want to use your timer app for other applications, or watching courses, don’t hesitate to switch your screen, Just Pomodoro will send you notifications when your cycle done!
There no distractive full screen Ads while you are working, but if you want to disable all kind of Ads you can be our subscriber! With this decision you will be supporting indie developer to make this app better!
Pomodoro Calendar will be waiting for you! When you finish your decided cycles, your cycles will be visible at your calendar to track your progress.
While you are finishing your cycles, your friends will be there to make you more productive and motivated!

Reach your goals with Just Pomodoro!

Just Pomodoro is an application to track your Pomodoro cycles! But not limited with that! Since you can customize everything, you can use Just Pomodoro as a timer app as well as pomodoro app. While making sports, cooking, studying, reading you can use that app!

Keep you on track with Just Pomodoro!

While Pomodoro Technique is making you productive, with Just Pomodoro application you will be more productive. It allows you to set custom pomodoro timer, custom break timer and cycle.

With this application you can see your progress visually and when you finish your cycle you will have a new friend which will keep you motivated!

Just Pomodoro will warn you when you finish your cycle, but you can On/Off this feature.

With built in calendar you can see your pomodoro history. This application is keeping itself easy and simple while having useful features for your productive pomodoro cycles!

Best tomato timer on the market!

Let’s join the application and be more productive!

If you have any ideas to make this app better, please send me an email. We can improve this app together!

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Just Pomodoro Timer user reviews :

I’m very glad that I found this app….. It’s just as I wanted.. But can you please add the feature where the timer(both ongoing and completed one) is displayed on the notification tab…. Overall it’s THE best…..

Best pomodoro timer I’ve used! Cute, simple, and more importantly, effective! Visually, I adore this app: the filling up visuals is helpful. The little friends is just a hilarious touch. I love the colors and the fonts. I also love how easy it is to set up the time. Their new feature of being able to exit the app and notify you is extremely helpful to me as I use the same device for online classes and for the app. If I may suggest anything, I would like some music in the bg. Kudos to the team!!
  • Metanoia Inc.
  • Thank you very much for your perfect feedback! This is a huge motivation for me to keep developing! I am really happy that you like the notification feature. Your suggestion is on my to do list, I am going to work on it soon to add some music and voices to focus! You can always use info screen to send me feedback in the future! Have a nice day!
I LIKE THIS APP. It’s great and it’s everything I expected but the dog is okay. I like the design especially but one thing though I don’t quite understand how long breaks happens? Because after I completed four cycles of pormodoro, I thought the timer for long breaks would show up and I did turned on. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Anyhow Great App And Keep The Good Work.
  • Metanoia Inc.
  • Hi Arabella, thank you for your kind comments, really happy to see that you like the app. To use long break, you need to turn on your long break settings first then choose which cycle will be your long break. For example if you choose long break cycle as “3” every third break will be your long break. Thanks again! You can send email anytime
The app is good. But i hope next update, you’ll put an option to rename a task. Especially if we have a lot of tasks we need to accomplish within the day. And organizing them would be great. I’m not sure if this would be possible but i hope next time or for a different app, this would be great
  • Metanoia Inc
  • Hi Julia! Thank you for your review. I am glad that you like Just Pomodoro. In fact, there is a new feature on my todo list which is so similar to what you described. Hope to add this feature to Just Pomodoro soon. Have a nice day!

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