JustBuild LOL – This is the fastest way to become a PRO

[Game] JustBuild LOL

JustBuild LOL  JustBuild LOL is a game that helps you become better in games with building system,

It allows you to practice your building with infinity materials and without being interrupted by other players

Stop wasting hours cutting woods, and just build, build and build!
This is the fastest way to become a PRO!

JustBuild LOL user reviews :

This game is amazing! I love how you can practice building like in mobile fortnite. But the only thing i don’t like is that you have to pay for the edit button which i’m sort of fine with but i would like to practice editing for mobile fortnite too. But otherwise the game is amazing. Oh yeah and see if you can add a 1v1.lol feature because then i would add a 5 star.

This is awsome but I can’t download fortnite on my laptop or phone but thank you sooooooo much but the link for justbuild. LOL is not working on my laptop but 1v1.LOL works and it’s also awsome but my mouse broke and I can’t buy a new one cause of the dollar crisis in Lebanon we’ll thank you bye

Pretty good, but when i exit and go back to normal building, it wont let me look around at all. I have to reset the game, everytime. Paid for editing and it doesnt even work properly

I love this game the only thing is that the edit costs money but my parents never let me waste money on games but overall its amazing if you add shooting and battle royale i would rate this a five star whoever made this game you are amazing. And if u make more gameslet me kmow so i can play it

Love it. But ive encountered a bug. After editing the buildings for a bit i can no longer look around and the only way to fix it is by reseting the game and its getting pretty annoying. Pls fix. Thanks.

It’s good but why do you have to pay to edit other than that it’s good for let’s say you have no internet and you want to build like if it was fortnite well this is your game and it takes only a little storage I would give it 5 stars but WHY DO YOU NEED TO PAY TO EDIT STUFF that’s all.

I know this is a building game but I wish they could add guns like an AR, SHOT GUN and explosives and some game modes like 1v1s , battle Royale were u jump out of the battle bus, and box fights if they could add all of this I will quit 1v1.lol and play this game for the rest of my life

I’m saying it’s 3 because there’s no guns or fighting but there is a solution to that just have building fighting free editing in 1v1.lol same company and this is someone’s solution who wanted weapons fighting so I suggest 1v1.lol and that’s it just giving a solution and suggestion.

Please fix … When I connect my PS4 controller in my phone( realmeC2 ) And open the app and play the game . The L3 is working perfectly ( only working perfectly) I pressed the X it doesn’t Jump then when I pressed the O it jumps.. The L2 and R2 leads me to the settings… Idk why The other buttons doesn’t Work… Please fix and send feedback please… Add custom button for touch screen And add pvp like the PC version please Looking forward for improving the game Nice game btw

It’s very good for practising. But the movement, & some other things should be done perfectly. Hope it’ll become a better one.

Great game. But im only giving 4 stars. Because i want to play this with a duo or a squad. Developers please add this option. Thank u.

I think the game is wonderful. It’s just that you can’t edit without having to pay for it. Please fix it’s so many of us that want to play the your games with great quality but want’s to build and edit thank you

I hate this version but its ok but pleas ad a battle royal mode to the other one on mobile so its so so so so fun!!!!! and pleas ad it i will give it 4 stars becuz this version needs to pay so you can use edit

It was really fun but i noticed at one of the corners of the map that there was a big screen of the players joysticks and it was really fun till i fell off the map

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