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[Game] Kakele Online – MMORPG

Kakele  Kakele is a brand new game!

It is an old style multiplayer open world nostalgic and classic 2D pixel real time role playing game.

Play on Mobile and PC!
NO pay to win! NO ads! Play for FREE!
Regular updates! The game is in active development with new updates every month or two!
New redesigned pixel art graphics, sound and music coming soon!
Customization! Customize your outfit, build your own house, upgrade your equipment!
Play with 5 different vocations! Each vocation with unique attributes, weapons and spells!
Persistent game world! Map items, quest puzzles and world market!
Open PvP and Optional PvP modes available. Guilds and PvP War systems available!
Over 200 quests and tasks to complete!
Huge map with more than 100000 tiles, 100+ NPCs!
Periodic dungeons bringing together all players!
Over 10 challenging bosses to defeat and over 100 different monsters to battle against!
Over 20 different outfits, 1000+ different equipment, potions and other items to collect!
Works in almost all the devices. Minimum of Android 4.4 and 1GB of memory required.

In Kakele, you join players from all over the world to fight monsters, explore mysterious caves, complete tasks and quests, collect items and much more! Come and join our growing community for the many adventures in this indie RPG game!

Official website: www.kakele.io
Game WIKI: www.kakele.io/wiki
Join our Support Discord for help: discord.kakele.io
Chat with the community: community.kakele.io

Kakele user reviews :

They only thing I don’t like is that it’s hard to level up, you lose exp points when you die (like 40%) and you don’t have a skill point chart, where you can put skill point everytime you level up in either strength, speed, Mana, etc.. other than that its a pretty decent game!

Amazing. I have been looking for this style of 2d grind mmorpg on mobile for years! I love it. It is so amazing it actually brought a tear to my eyes remembering similar experiences from my earlier gaming days!

I have to say I didn’t expect much playing on mobile but it turns out this is actually pretty fun. I found no matter which class I switched to i had a blast im playing a warrior atm which is smooth and easy going and a lot of fun But for a little excitement I made a mage And I love it the controls can be a little tricky but on my galaxy A51 the screen size makes it a little easier I honestly enjoy playing and exploring doing tasks.

Not bad, but maps need to be improved. Even close up views are rather confusing. Also the skin color palate is very grey toned. The NPCs look better than our grayish avatars.

Amazingly nostalgic game. For anyone that loves old school RPGs or Tibia this will feed your fix. I look forward to what they come up with in further updates.

Was really enjoying this game. You need to fix maedina. I got pushed out by an experienced player. Not going to play again.
  • ViVa Games
  • We are sorry for that. The Maedina event is all about Player vs Player swap war, which is what makes it fun. Can you please contact us by email so we can understand better about how to fix this? Maybe we can add a cap to the level a player has when joining the line. Thank you

Very nostalgic game reminds me very old times, graphics are okay and playability is very fun, waiting for improvements while I level up! Just fyi, its annoying that any CD heal/support spell and CD potions are shared, the exhaust is struggling when you’re on the need. Good work with Kakele.

Better than other similar games. Would be even better with a larger playerbase.

Great rpg if there were more people it would be the perfect mmo

Great game but needs to be more convenient for players to navigate & use
  • ViVa Games
  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better! Please email us more specific suggestions at contact[at]kakele.io

best paired down MMO for Android, simple and fun

Great game. Graphics are not that great but who cares. This is a fun game. Nice job staff.
  • ViVa Games
  • Thank you for your review! If you liked the game, can you please give us 5 stars? :) Thanks again! For any help please send us an email!

Wow!!! This game is cool!! I’ve been playing the game for a couple of minutes and I already enjoying it! As a Player that always prefer to be the “Marksman”, its controls are easy to use as well as its mechanics. I hope this game will grow!! More power to your game!! Keep it up

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