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kboardkboard : Do you hate people as much as I do?

Do you find yourself wasting time trying to find the right condescending message in order to get rid of them?

Then you need kboard – a keyboard designed specifically to end conversations.

Don’t waste time with all those other superfluous letters when all you really need is ‘k.’.

NEW Commands – a powerful VIM-like macro system for your own custom command keys /like this!5dw,i($0!!!!)

Add as many custom keys as you need.
Quickly switch between kboard and your other keyboards
One-click send option for the pinnacle of laziness – no need to even press enter!
Choose from 5 material design color schemes

It will literally save you hours of pointless talking!

With kboard the world is your oyster:

Add your favourite hashtags
Easily Italicise/bolden things in WhatsApp
More powerful copy/paste automation with Commands
Use to speed up github peer reviews (e.g. thumbs up, +1, LGTM)
Add long names that are awkward to type
Custom text emoji/faces (e.g. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
Automate sweet nothings to your partner

COMMANDS (New in v3)

Commands is a VIM-like system for adding keys that do special things. For example:

WhatsApp italicise!dw,i(_$0_)
WhatsApp bolden!dw,i(*$0*)
WhatsApp italics!i(__),j
Copy All!yy
Repeat word x4!dw,4p
rly sad!1000i(😥 )

Full list:
d=delete previous character
dw=delete previous word
3dw=delete previous three words
dd=delete all
yy=copy all
y=copy selection
p=paste from clipboard
i(text)=output the content of the brackets ($0 gets replaced with the last deleted/copied content)
upper(text)=as o, but in upper case
lower(text)=as o, but lower case
j=move cursor back by a character
k=move cursor forward by a character
b=move cursor back by a word
w=move cursor forward by a word
s=trigger a send command

kboard user  reviews :

Amazing A lot more useful than I expected to be, and very customisable.

Hey there, the keyboard works as it should be but I cannot seem to find how to switch between my normal and this. Going everytime to settings language & input  Current keyboard and selecting is not the right way I hope. Any suggestions? Ok so I just had to swipe down and go to the notifications area. Simple!

Unique … At first I hated this keyboard but know I love it to use . Because of its unique features and GUI . But still it needs more improvements . Please add features like suggestions , inapp search , words auto download , more custom themes , even add one normal keyboard for simple users etc which could make more and more powerful and unique that would make it “The Best”. And also upgrade it to new level with best prediction feature so that it will become the best of all in a row !

Amazing Hey man, I’m loving the entire app, but could you maybe add a white background?
  • #13point7 June 13, 2016
  • Your wish is my command, sir.

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