Khan Wars – Conquering the middle ages

[Game] Khan Wars

Khan Wars  Khan Wars is an award winning strategy game that has all classical elements of an excellent multiplayer strategy game, including developing a mighty empire, establishing a powerful army, crafting cunning strategies and most importantly – fighting other players!

Choose allegiance to one of many available medieval nations and lead it into battle against players from all around the world in the quest of conquering the middle ages.

How can the journey to greatness become even more adventurous? Here are just a few reasons:

Nations – You can choose from 12 well balanced nations, each having a bonus that impacts your economy, battle strength or trading. In time you can recruit nation specific units that will change your battle tactics and help you gain an edge over other players.

Cities – Develop and fortify your own medieval city through new buildings and strategic structures. You can choose the path of steady economic growth, ruthless raids upon enemy objects, thoughtful trading, wise diplomacy and guild team play or any mixture of those that you find convenient.

Units – During the course of the game you can conquer more castles and recruit up to 28 different units – infantry, archers, cavalry, siege machines and nation specific special units. These troops can be further upgraded to improve their attack and defense capabilities. Use them to smash your opponents or the Bandit hordes on the map.

Battles – The greatest asset of the game is the battle tactics system. There are literally thousands of different strategies for you to find out while you compete with other players. Spying your opponents is also crucial in the times of war.

Guilds – The guilds in the Khan Wars represent group of players united by their guild leader. With your guild you can battle others as well as conquer mighty citadels, control map territories and spread your power. There is also a guild chat available which allows team members to communicate in real time. This is very useful for discussing policies, strategies or coordinating actions.

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Khan Wars user reviews :

Been playing the game for a while through its patches,updates and newer versions. the fact you can win and lose, conquer, destroy other players castles or lose your castle is great ! unlike other games were you just build up and up and up with help of in game friends, here in Khanwars there is diplomacy, shared guild bank, taxes, personal + guild skills trees and 14 nations with different bonuses to pick from ! Players can specialise in combining their skill points and decide to be great at the battlefield and wreck armies or be and economic juggernaut or be a quick aggressive opportunist that snipes global map mines with quick armies or be the spy/intelligence of his guild and provide the most detailed spy reports. Love it! would recommend it to anybody who enjoys playing a game while doing something else on their PC or phone and if something crucial happens always to alt+tab to the game.

Love the game, android app is bad! I am unable to log in, it keeps stating tahat it is invalid user name ir password, even after I reset pass over an email! Please, fix this bug!

The log in keeps loading for hours and won’t open even though I have done everything I could think of but it still won’t open

i played this game on browser years ago, it was fun mostly because of world chat , now where is it

Super strategy game!

I like this game so much

A classical browser based strategy game focused on kingdom development, army training and battles with opponenets. Great battle formation system, interesting race specific bonuses and special units. Very nice interworld arena where players from different world May compete against each other and win prizes. Can occupy a lot of your time

Oh finally! I expect to see the desktop and old version of KHAN WARS. but this Android version is so complicated comper desktop browser.

Nice game with great gameplay and art!

It’s a nice game

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