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[Game] Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy  Kick buddy arrives on Google Play

Explode, destroy, fire, shoot, smash, freeze, toss, send the power of the Gods and don’t even think about stopping. You now have a virtually limitless arsenal to beat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, and even a nuclear bomb!

We present to you Kick the Buddy — it’s more than just a relaxing game it’s more than stress game. It’s a top interactive action game. Among all stress relief games, Kick Buddy is a relaxing game where you can slap the doll and forget about your anger. It’s a fun game to play when bored.

Do you want to beat the boss, or maybe slap and bash the ragdoll?
Want to smash all around you in this destroying game?
Want more kicks?

Even if you’re a relatively stress-free person you need to chill out at some point in stress games like ours.

Kick the Buddy user reviews :

Generally, this game is really fun. Buuuut, there’s just too much ads that fill up the game. Like I would kill buddy but then have to watch a 30 second ad. Idk about the graphics. I guess it’s ok just like the gameplay. Also, when I’m in the middle of torturing buddy, an ad just pops up and I have to wait half a minute. One more complain is one of the ads when I have to watch the entire thing and it just shows a minigame. When I play the first level, it baits me into playing the next one.

They should rename it to ads. I’ve never come across a game with so many ads. I’ve only played it 5 minutes now and seen 8 ads, 5 of which were 30 seconds long no skip. If half my playtime is ads then I do not want to play this game. There’s even a pop up ad at the bottom that blocks whatever is on the floor and if you click out of it, a google screen takes its place. I used to love this when I was little but it’s unplayable now. Also I think they used bots to inflate ratings, look at reviews.

This game is full of potential, though it has some issues, some big some small. Here they are: 1.too many ads. This is the worst problem with the game by far. Yes, they are personalised, but there are too many of them, ranging around 1 per 20-30 seconds and at the end of killing buddy. 2. Glitches. Sometimes there is a possibility that you cannot load into the game and it stays at a certain amount for a long time if not, permanently. 3.Slow Progression. 4.Gets boring over time(1hr). 5/10

Really fun game. you get to select all the weapons, animals, machines that you want to kick the buddy with. you get some pretty good prizes with the daily logins. It takes my off stuff i find kind of like a stress reliever to be honest not that i want to kill anyone, but you people make you mad and you just want to jank them in the face with a clorox bleach jug. but other than that its a really great game, Love it.

This game is pretty fun to play but I have 3 issues: 1. Before I downloaded this it said that this game is offline but when I try to buy stuff it said that I have no internet access. 2. If I open my wifi too many ads pop up. 3. This game is too brutal for kids ages 6-12 you can either make it less brutal or make this game for only 13 years and above Todllers might think every people they see they can punch and when they die they can respawn so I think this game isnt really much for kids. Yep.

I love the game you can turn wifi off so there wont be alot of ads but u can’t buy without wifi turn it on to buy a weapon but turn it back off for no ads again:and I tried to play but the load never loaded me in but an thing popped up then it told me it had issues with it on my compuuter:I wanted to play it again but it said i could not download it and I had lots of space for it.

I think it is really unfair that people are rating this a 1 just because of ads amd how it suddenly didnt work when you turn it on. That isnt the developers fault. Just think for a second like the game over all is pretty smooth and good. The only reason i give it 4 is because of the glitches. 1. Sometimes when buddy dies it stays like that and i have to reopen the game but its not really a big deal. 2. Sometimes ads will just be black. 3. It wont let me use certain weapons sometimes.

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