Kids Balloon Pop – Practice vocabulary in 10 different languages

[Game] Kids Balloon Pop

Kids Balloon Pop  A classic balloon popping game for kids, with colorful graphics, cute animals and various backgrounds!

Learn English, or practice vocabulary in 10 different languages! You can even adjust the speed and size of the balloons your baby or child’s skill level.

AD-FREE: no ads are shown while playing!

There are 5 different game modes in ten languages:

Normal. Balloon popping just for fun. Great for toddlers, as a baby game
A – Z. Pop balloons containing letters of the alphabet, and hear the name of the letter spoken out loud.
1 – 20. Pop balloons containing numbers, and hear the name of the number spoken out loud.
Colors. Pop balloons of different colors, and hear the name of the color spoken out loud.
Shapes – Learn basic geometric shapes. Requires in-app purchase

All game modes are suitable for young kids as an educational game. The simple English for kids combined with different word categories makes this a fun English learning game for kids. The same modes are of course available in all 10 languages, which include Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, and Swedish.

For babies or kids with visual impairments such as CVI you can disable background images and increase the size of the balloons in order to make them easier to pop

The free version contains 4 regular balloons, 3 animals and 2 different backgrounds. The full game (unlocked via an in-app purchase) is even more fun, with 7 regular balloons, 3 special balloons, 10 animals and 3 different backgrounds!

Love it? Hate it? Please review the game and let us know.

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This app:
Does not contain third-party ads
Does use anonymous data collection tools
Does contain one in-app purchase for the full version

Music: “Malt Shop Bop”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Kids Balloon Pop user reviews :

My 1.5 year old can find this game and play it with no help whatsoever which is great. The ease of use is convenient but there is an app page you have to get past to play. I find random games downloaded because of this page quite often. I hope she doesn’t accidentally download a paid game in the future, but the app itself is educational and a good way to keep children occupied while still being educational.

My baby girl really loves an enjoys to play balloon pop it’s such a good game for all toddlers to an all young children to learn there colors an numbers you know stuff like that but I rate this game 5 starts I really love it for my child to play she can sit here got hours playing an learning really keeps her bussy thanks for making the game

Great game for my parrot!! Does paying for it only unlock shapes? I would definitely pay for the ability to control which balloons go by in normal mode and the popping sound b/c the only thing my bird doesn’t like is the really loud popping sound, so i just leave the music on and mute the pops. She still loves it!

Just exactly as it states. Balloon pop! You can change the balloon size and speed and you get surprise weather scenes and surprise animals popping up.. I like that the weather changes from rainbow sunny to dark to rainy to cloudy. It seems to help with staring at the phone tablet long periods of time popping

Got it for my daughters, is entertaining for a little and actually helped with letters and numbers for my firstborn. Second child wasn’t as interested, got but didn’t keep her attention for long.

Super cute game. My 3 year granddaughter just loved it. She gets so excited everytime she pops a balloon. She won’t let me play. She’s totally stoked about it.

My baby loves this app, and I enjoy that it offers visual as well as sounds for different learning. It has the alphabet in upper case and lower case, colors, numbers 1-20, and original balloons. I paid for the full version and it includes shapes as well. Very pleased!

Entertains my toddler! I like how the alphabet letters and numbers are being said outloud as they play popping the balloons.

This game is great for keeping my little brother and sister happy! They will sit on our sofa and pop the balloons for a long amount of time.

My nieces which are 1.5 and 4 years old loved it. This game could entertain then for a long time.

My 18 mo old loves it. Good for hand eye coordination and the numbers and letters will be great for when he’s older. The colors game is over too fast tho.

I don’t want to give a tablet etc to my toddler, but it’s a great game for those “lemme sleep for five more minutes”mornings.

It is a amazing game for my 2 year old she loves it so much I do recommend for little kids.

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