Kiki and Fifi Halloween Salon – Give a magical bath

[Game] Kiki and Fifi Halloween Salon – Scary Pet Makeover

Kiki and Fifi Halloween Salon  Get ready for the scariest Halloween night with your virtual pet friends Kiki and Fifi!

Give a magical bath, style funny hair, dress up in colorful costumes and decorate the haunted house in the neighborhood.

Prepare for kids’ favorite trick and treat night with Kiki and Fifi! Play and create the best Halloween outfits for sweet and furry kitty and puppy. Wash Kiki and Fifi in a mysterious bath and look what happens. Brush, curl, wave their hair and create the super cool hairdos. Dress up, add crazy accessories and change eye colors for the spooky Kiki and Fifi’s look. Free your imagination and create the coolest kitty and puppy Halloween costumes ever!

Play the best Halloween pet salon games for girls and boys with Kiki and Fifi:

Prepare for Halloween party with the fluffy and cute kitty and puppy!
Dress up with amazing clothes and create tons of crazy outfits!
Help Kiki look like the sweetest furry kitty from Mars!
Do your magic and turn Fifi the puppy into the colorful unicorn!
Cut, curl, wave and style hair for the best pet friends ever!
Change Kiki and Fifi’s fur color in a magical Halloween bath!
Paint, decorate and make the haunted house look cozy and cute!
Play every day, level up and create the enchanted tree of your own!
Watch videos for kids and get bonus coins to unlock more exciting items!

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Kiki and Fifi Halloween Salon user reviews :

Cool game you have more features more than to receive all the cool stuff and it was like you got to do multiple different things and so it was fun and you guys should make more parents had games with different things to do with them two exactly like the same like up how you do some of the stuff kind of like the pet cat rescue one was awesome so yeah I’m more stuff pet care the planet care games and the parenting game because they’re pretty much all the same just different characters each time

The only information. the 6 the best, and the other day. I have been made to this email address. please note that the information contained in this email address. if the product you would have thought about this, the more the best, but the page you requested could be the first time.

I love this game but there was a glitch that half of the screen was black realy creepy

I really like this game but there’s a problem. Why do you have to watch an ad to get the scissors

Sometimes I get this glitch where your goldfish movie maker ad is so big it doesn’t let you get out for your reward in the end.Please make them small enough to go ahead and let me earn my reward.then 5 stars rating and review update.Thank you!

It is a good game however you could take away the adverts because each time you finish an activity there is an advert but apart from that it is a really great game

I love this game because you can make the the pink animal look green and the puppy white so there’s no problems thanks for that im making all these games of the pink animal and the puppy a game all together

Ads is not let me get off of it it’s to small for me it makes me go to Google play fix it now but I like this game thank you

i love your games so much and its so fun. All of your games are very fun because you can dress them up anything you like

I love all of the kiki and fifi games but i just hate how you have to pay REAL money for somethings which means you just want money you don’t care if they do or don’t like it so why did you make the game anyways i mean i love them so thank you for making it but WOW for making Kids pay REAL money not FAKE in my opinion you shouldn’t do that like my comment if you agree

It so fun but there is 24 seconds adds please remove it but some are short I like the game really fun you should download this game really fun

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