King God Castle – Enhance and combine your own heroes

[Game] King God Castle

King God Castle  King God Castle is threatened by powerful enemies at the strategic point.

Defend against invasions using heroes, the power of the Most High, and your strategy!

Defend with your strategy and luck!

Your luck will decide which hero you can enhance and which weapon you’ll get.
Use your strategy and tactics to make the most of what you’ve got and defeat your enemies!

Enhance and combine your own heroes!
Choose the 6 most strategic heroes. Use gold and gems from battles to strengthen your heroes
and bring out their potential.

Strengthening heroes through the power of Most High!
Strengthen the Altar to wield the Might Righteous power. Choose the Altar that will make your Heroes strong
and borrow their righteous powers.

Diverse enemies!
You’ll be invaded by enemies with diverse characteristics and skills. Decide whether to wipe them out with magic
or tackle them one by one.

Choose your own difficulty and challenge!
You can use the challenge system to take on stronger enemies and earn more rewards.

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King God Castle user reviews :

It took more than one of my friends recommending this game for me to even try it, but once I did, I was shocked! This is the only autochess game I’ve ever enjoyed, and it’s F2P friendly too. The occasional bug and crash definitely holds it back from 5 stars, but I can easily see myself playing daily for the next few months. It’s a shame the battles are too long to play on breaks, but the save feature allows you to jump back in to the level you were playing when you left

Pretty good actually! Probably one of the best merger games mechanically. However! The drop rates on new characters is awful I’ve opened up like 6 common scrolls, a king scroll, and a God scroll and haven’t gotten a single new character still good though can’t say I’ll play for long though without new characters.

I’d say the game is fun in the beginning but after stage 4 and up the difficulty spikes so high. Especially if you’re trying to max difficulty clear the chapters. Plus it takes forever to get a new character unless you’re either super lucky or you throw money at the game but it may only help you for the next 2 chapters or so then the rest of the game is 90% if you spawn the character you want and 10% strategy. It’s infuriating doing chapters over and over waiting for the perfect RNG.

A single player game that most of it could be handled “offline”, but requires internet to work it’s in my opinion a missed opportunity… If you are on your 4G and you happen to lose signal, guess what? All your progress on that level is gone… Besides the fact that it seems that you never get new heroes, like… never! It is a “fun” game to pass the time… You can feel it has a lot of work put into it. But it’s a pay to have fun on a single player game, nice.

Quite honestly love it. The new cards rates are good. The gameplay itself is good. The arena is also pretty good, but I believe matching other plays within the same level would greatly help it, unless you are high up in the arena. Maybe some new minigames would be cool but that would be for some hella future updates. All around, it’s a fun game that requires strategy thinking to be able to defeat the enemies.

Fantastic Game but has its drawbacks. I am a newer player (Lvl.20) been playing a few weeks with resets due to mistakes. Most of the issues I see are the challenge curve especially with +modes, the constant reconnect issues, the gold and energy disparity, and the hero potential rng/scrolls. The game is simple and fun to play, but it becomes very grindy. Daily scroll resets make summons a waste without 4 scrolls, energy timer is too long(1/10mins), and server reconnects are my main gripes.

The gameplay is fun, it’s got a lot of nice concepts and there’s a decent depth to its strategy despite being so simple. It feels money-grubby at first, but they don’t tell you that in rare cases you can buy new heroes from the shop, and as a F2P player, don’t spend your gems on anything else. If you only rely on gacha scrolls to get new heroes, it feels really bad. The new heroes in the shop feel reasonable this way. Progression can feel a slow but it gives you time to try different builds.

The ONLY reason why I give 4 stars is due to the premium thing. Personally I am fine with road maps, but I am not fine with the fact that the missions dissappear and do not come back 18 hours later. I am trying to get a Leonhardt skin and I do not mind putting time and effort into the game, but I do not like how it is strict on timing. Personally I think the premium skins should cost a lot of gems at least so there is a chance to get them even when the event is over.

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