Kingdom Guard – Protect the dragon egg to save the world

[Game] Kingdom Guard

Kingdom Guard  Titan has invaded our kingdom, and our guardian dragons have all but disappeared.

Finally, you discovered the fabled, last dragon egg, just as Titan descends upon you with his dark legions.

Come train and merge your soldiers, and protect the dragon egg to save the world!

1. Merge to upgrade
A brand new way of upgrading that doesn’t involve boring city building and troop production. Now you have total control over your units! Merge two units of the same level and type to create a higher level unit!

2. Tower Defense
Train and merge your soldiers to defend against the enemy. Different defense formations will always yield distinct and surprising results!

3. Strategy Sandbox Game
Join an alliance, take over the dark throne, revive the guardian dragon, and achieve glory in this brutal world. Let your name live by becoming the ultimate ruler of the new age!

Kingdom Guard user reviews :

This game is actually fun and we’ll made. There are some things I don’t enjoy too much but overall it’s good. My low rating is because I came here from an ad showing this as another game style that looked like fun. Just to find a completely different game. Not sure why people do the whole fake ad thing. I have no respect for these people. Just shows the little confidence they have in their product.
  • tap4fun
  • Hi~thanks for your feedback, we are currently developing the advertised features, if you have more suggestions please contact our customer service in-game or kingdomguard[at], we are willing to hear from you!
Game was very fun and open to all type of players. Recently many changes made by the devs seems to alienate free to play players and make the game a ridiculous grind. Would not recommend game in this state. Edit: Developers seemed to have taken the complaints of their players to hearts. While there are some minor bugs the devs do seem to care in the opinions of their players. Solid game with lots of options for cooperative and versus player.
  • tap4fun
  • I’m very sorry, but it did not satisfy you. May I ask what specific problems you have encountered. You can leave your player id or contact our customer service team, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.
This game is horrible. It’s the worst money hungry game I’ve seen. Constant pop-ups for microtransactions and subscriptions as well as “free” offers if you watch ads constantly. Relentlessly. Basic game play is ad dependent. I tried giving it more time to see if it would improve over time. Then the rating request popped up…
  • tap4fun
  • Hi~we still have lots of ways to play~ we will not force players to watch ad~and without watching ad you also can experience most of our games

I love this new update! Now you can equip up to 15 heros, which makes things a lot more interesting, there’s a bond system now so each mix of heros can have different boosts, now everyone doesn’t have the same setup! And the new Talent system has caused power to skyrocket! Im happy to see developers take feedback and apply it! Kudos for bringing back Alucard for bonds!! Thank you don’t let the sour reviews fool you, there are plenty of free to play that are strong! Longevity matters!

It’s already 5 months I play this game. first play is good . it’s make me don’t wanna install it back. but this time , I really gonna uninstall it. Because this game only play for money win not so interesting. Almost everyday,week do maintenance but the end what?! Update mb more high but bugs is never dead. To dear who created this game, If you guys just created this game only for hunting more player money to it . Better stop . You all will get more report received and this apps will be end soon
  • tap4fun
  • Sorry, there was a problem with the installation of version 189. We are fixing this problem and are currently uploading a new version.
Game was fun but after the updates this weekend they’ve dropped the amount of material needed to level that you receive. This comes right in the tail of merging servers and adding people that have been playing much longer. So you can never catch up without spending thousands of dollars. Contacted support and they said they didn’t adjust anything. Screenshots don’t lie but they do.
  • tap4fun
  • Hi Justin~ we need to assure your server number and your ID~ or you can contact kingdomguard[at], we will check the exact problem you meet in the game. and we still have lots of ways to gain materials, such as Dimensional Treasure and other events!
One problem after the other. Devs keep changing the game every day. Game keeps becoming all about money and it’s impossible to level up or catch up to people that have been on it for a while now. Everyone is talking about quiting the game. Our days are numbered. Too bad.
  • tap4fun
  • Sorry for not bringing you a good experience. Have you encountered any specific problems? We really want to help you. You can contact our customer service or send an email to .kingdomguard[at], we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.
Update: game back to being fairly balanced and fun to play! They rollbacked most changes that heavily made it pay to win. In this game grinding is rewarded. Will take you longer to complete with pay to win players but you can compete. Before the rollback, changes screwed the average player. It was strictly a monet grab by developers. Difference is the developers did listen to their community after many changed reviews from 5 to 1 stars.
  • tap4fun
  • Hi~ sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with the progress of updates, if you have any suggestions, please contact our customer service in-game~ we are willing to hear from you

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