Kingdom Raids – Build your own royale castle

[Game] Kingdom Raids – Puzzle Wars

Kingdom Raids  The game takes place in a mysterious royal world where the local inhabitants are known as Doods.

The Doods summon humans and monsters from other realms into their own world. The King Dood grants them magical powers to turn them into warriors and have them siege other Kingdoms on his behalf. Think twice about calling this Dood cute when you see him clash and command from his royal throne!

You are the King’s General, build your own royale castle, form your strategy, raid other kingdoms. Your mission is to collect and train heroes, on a conquest in a worldwide epic PvP arena, and bring your empire to reach the top leagues!

Kingdom Raids is a mixture of a Puzzle Match 3 game and classic RPG. This game with an idle touch will take you on a journey, build castles, unlock heroes, win battles, collect stars, earn chests, and crush all rivals! Summon over 100 mighty heroes with unique abilities of Dark, Light, Earth, Water, and Fire, train the most powerful army and fight for glory. You will lead your own champions. Most of the people play AFK to pass the time, but in Kingdom Raids, you play to win. Don’t forget to build your empire, join clans and defend the invasion from other lords. What’s next? Take the magic and start your adventure now!

Collect legendary mighty heroes. Level up, tier up to get stronger and form a dream team
Prepare your ultimate strategy, prepare the best team and get ready for fierce PvP battles
Raid other kingdoms all around the world and take their trophies, earn chests to unlock tremendous rewards”

Kingdom Raids user reviews :

Ok so I’m into match 3 RPGs big time and this one is a gem amongst the many dismal experiences out there, especially the ones u have to build a castle/city to move forward in, if you like waiting then yay.. The only one downside to the game is their wonky trophy system…Update 10/25/20 they listened and fixed the trophy payout and now the game is by far one of the best for match RPGs on the market! Give it a try and see for yourself.

I’m enjoying the game so far, there are a few glitches that have caused the game to crash.. also awaiting more content.

Well after the last update, it finally works had an issue with it not wanting to use internet connection from wifi or data. Now the sound is an issue sounds statics.
  • AlleyLabs
  • Hi XgamerZ, we apologize that you are experiencing connection issues with the game. Please try reinstalling the game and restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, please contact us via the “Contact Support” section inside the game so that we may have your device information and better assist you. Sincerely!

Ive put a few weeks into this game and …… Total rubbish, why call it PUZZLE WARS. There are no puzzles, LOL! ! Legendarys are impossible to get I’ve spun 100’s of times, game locks up and no ads available a lot of the time. Has potential but they ruined it with financial greed as the gaming mechanism is to strict against the player.

Should be fun, very slow get servers errors and dont get rewards after watching ads. Game freezes a lot so you have to close it down

Love the 3 match RPG , amazing game
  • AlleyLabs
  • Thank you for your nice words. We are pleased that you like the game. We look forward to bringing you more exciting features. Have a great day!

Last Update :

New Campaign Game Mode
Updated Tournaments
Updated Trophy won/loss system
Removed clan members from matchmaking
Added new Legendary Heroes
Added Game Speed Option
Fixed Some Bugs

Contact developer :


Video :

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