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[Game] Kingdomtopia – The Idle King

Kingdomtopia  After living peacefully for years, Kingdomtopia, a medieval animal kingdom is invaded by an unknown enemy.

This war left the entire kingdom in ruins and even led the death of the King.

Along with your trusted advisor, Pug, play as a fledgling new king to rebuild your father’s kingdom back to its glory days. Restore districts, renovate and expand your empire to bring peace and prosperity to your loyal citizens.

Honor your father’s last (and current) wishes after his passing to help grow your wealth exponentially with heirlooms. Show the world that the “Idle King” title is not earned by simply doing nothing… but successfully managing the kingdom itself!


Be a King and manage your kingdom of adorable Animal subjects
Meet interesting characters from across the land
Amass wealth and let your kingdom grow even while you’re away
Invest in districts to boost your kingdom’s wealth
Hire mayors to collect taxes automatically for you and earn the title of the Idle King

Head off on a new journey of turning your kingdom into a glorious utopia full of animals and creatures of all kinds. It is simple and easy as the king, simply enjoy your ice-cream and interact with your people while your mayors grow your riches and gain fame across the land. Prove yourself as the greatest Idle King to have ever lived in Kingdomtopia!

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Kingdomtopia user reviews :

Was looking forward to playing the game but can’t even get through the tutorial since clicking on farm district building hundreds of times does nothing. Is this button even active ?? UPDATE – Bad sector on my phone, increased touchscreen sensitivity and it works. Hardware problem on my end. Giving game 4 stars since I highly recommend it and customer service was very helpful.
  • Joyseed Gametribe
  • Hey Michael, Thanks for reaching out to us! Regarding your issue, could you share a screenshot or screen recording to us via support[at] so that we can look into the issue? We hope to hear from you soon.
Low-tier clone of better games, but with nice art.
  • Joyseed Gametribe
  • Hey there, thanks for the feedback. We’ll keep working hard to improve the game!
Good time killer. But it being a new game. I would of thought putting in an easy reset button would not be hard work. ** Update ** I have already sent an email to the address but all I got was a really early morning email then 5 minutes later, they said the case is closed. (Oh but don’t worry, just make a new email address for one game.)
  • Joyseed Gametribe
  • Thanks for the feedback, Rebecca! We appreciate the feedback. As it would help us improve the game further, do share more of your feedback by emailing to support[at] Have a nice day!
Great characters, fun and well done art, a nice storyline, and a great feel that comes from devs who value the game/project above their own financial gain. The only issues I’ve had is the swift decline in user engagement (first 45 minutes into game were great, now I log on once or twice per day) and I’m unable to take advance of any ad bonus, as they do not load, giving me an “Error. Something went wrong” message.
  • Joyseed Gametribe
  • Thanks for the awesome feedback, Chase! Regarding the issue of the ad bonus, could you share more on the issue so that we can understand the issue better? Sharing a screenshot on it to support[at] will be tremendous help. We hope to hear from you soon.
The game has good art, but is very repetitive with seemingly no milestone rewards or reasons to why you should keep logging in. It was bearable, until you get to Chapter 3. The “Offerings” mechanic was poorly explained and had typos. You have no choice but to lose all of your coins, renovations, and districts for “Heirlooms”. I have to make 1Aa or 6Aa coins to make another offering. But why regain everything just to lose them again for “Heirlooms” that don’t do anything (to my understanding)?
  • Joyseed Gametribe
  • Thanks for the review, Leopard! Via the Statistics tab, you can earn rewards in Kingdomtopia via activity-based achievements. On Offerings, performing this allows you to amass more Heirlooms that contribute to your Income Bonus that helps with earning more coins. Alternatively, you can use Heirlooms to buy upgrades for more coin multipliers.
This is a really interesting and fun idle game. Having a kingdom and grow it into a peaceful and rich country, while being a millionaire or billionaire and capitalist at the same time feels so satisfying. Feels a bit like the sims, monopoly, or other tycoon games. Happy to be a king and a ruler in my own capital :). With manager I don’t need to click so much like other clicker games.
  • Joyseed Gametribe
  • Thanks for the feedback, Vinda! Glad to hear that you enjoy playing Kingdomtopia. We really appreciate the kind words and will work hard to improve the game further. If you ever have anymore feedback or even suggestions, feel free to share them with us. Have a nice day!

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