Kiss of the Wendigo – Find yourself at the center of a supernatural murder mystery

[Game] Kiss of the Wendigo

Kiss of the Wendigo  One afternoon, you visit the local park with your best friend, who has some exciting news to share.

Eager to celebrate, she runs home, while you take your time, enjoying the fresh air and feeling happy for her. But then, you hear a terrible shriek… Disaster unfolds as you soon find yourself at the center of a supernatural murder mystery… and it seems you’re next on the list! Despite wanting to avoid conflict, you soon find yourself in the company of three handsome guys who all claim they want to protect you… and all seem to have some sort of connection to the case.

Their investigations reveal the existence of terrible creatures: the Wendigo and the Sirens. These creatures are in the midst of a war between monsters, which has been brought into your own human world… and for some reason, the warring creatures are now after you! How are these three beautiful strangers connected to the monsters? Who is the legendary Monster Hunter that is prophesied to end the war? And which of these fine young suitors will win the biggest war of all… the one to win your heart?


Rumors abound when this mysterious character enters your school. Clever yet secretive, Lain soon catches the interest of everyone around him… but the only one he is interested in is you! He’s focused and goal-oriented, and usually gets what he wants… but will he be able to get to your heart?

When Cree shows up determined to protect you, you’re a bit shocked by his directness. But you soon discover the reason for his persistence and the person beneath his arrogance. He will do anything to guard your life, even if it means risking his own! But is he really only after your safety… or after your heart, as well?

This mature gentleman finds his way to you after escaping from the war… but how did he get involved in the first place? It’s hard to trust someone with his background, but all he wants is to stop the war, help victims, and of course, keep you safe! A true pacifist, he hates fighting but will do it to help the ones he loves. Will he win the fight for your heart?

Kiss of the Wendigo user reviews :

I think some improvements can be done like format can be updated, there are some grammatical mistakes in dialogues, etc. But the overall story and game is pretty amazing. The protagonist in starting thought that Lain is kind of familiar to her, but how it never come in story. Looking forward for season 2 in this line or any other line possible.

What an entertaining story line!, such interesting and beautiful characters, I loved Cree and Lain, The characters are well written and The art is always fantastic, You never fail to amaze me.

This game is no classic. This is splendid! The intro is well built. Not to mention the ending that is full of suspense. Gah! I’ve never thought that that was the ending. It was a blast. I’m so thankful I caught up one of your story in my play store, it makes me now wander through your masterpieces. Genius Inc. I’m satisfied.

I’ll be honest I loved this game and didn’t want it to end. Like i’d almost be willing to pay them to make a season 2 of it based on either the mc of this one’s child where they has to take up the monster hunter powers to fight a new enemy or the mc of this one in the future now has to fight a new enemy. Anyways those that read it won’t regret it this one, Zodiac and Gods were my favorite ones without a season 2 that I have completed so far.

Love this story too, great read GENIUS really does nice stories, they do need a proofreader however lol tons of small mistakes

Interesting story, I found it pretty good. The artwork is good as well. There are 3 reasons I didnt give 5 stars. There was many spelling errors, minor issue. Sometimes I couldnt tell who the script was for, maybe colored boxes would help. And biggest problem for me was I only was able to accumulate enough diamonds to chose 1 almost 2 premium choices. Because of that I was trying to save them till I knew exactly what male I was going to choose ended up waiting too long and the story ended

At first I didn’t like the whole, ‘I’ll protect you ma lady!’ thing. But after a while it just started to get funny. And I didn’t really see the whole point of the game until quite a bit in. But I loved how it was a bit of a murder mystery! For this one, I thought not picking any of the premium choices was a bit funny, because they were so sworn to protection. It’s weird, but 10/10.

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