Kitty Cat Tycoon – Let’s make imagines come true

[Game] Kitty Cat Tycoon

Kitty Cat Tycoon  New title following hamster tycoon!

Here comes the Kitty Cat Tycoon : make cat tree!

Have you imagined what if cats make furniture?
Let’s make imagines come true!
Various of lovely furniture made by little pink paws are ready now!

In the Cat Furniture Craft Shop, You can meet our cute and trusty cats below.

Mr. Ddong, the Persian cat, provides materials for furniture
Mr. Calion, the Calico cat, preps the materials
Ms. Cheeze, the Cheeze cat, designs furniture
Mr. Tuxedo, the Black cat, sells furniture

This will be the most heart-warming tycoon game you’ve ever played!
Simulate crafting different types of furniture on each stage!

How to play Kitty Cat Tycoon :

Collect a variety of Cat Manager card!
Upgrade your Cat Managers’ craft skill!
Develop various designs from simple to fancy!
Deliver the furniture to customers!

Completing all the procedures, You can collect Cat Coins to decorate cats!

Upgrade each furniture room and make every crafting procedures go smoothly.
Come and see how our Craftsman Cats work.
It will be the most happiest and relaxing scene you’ve ever seen!

The more cats you discover, the more your furniture shop be active!
Get warm space for over 50 kinds of cats to live in!

Enjoy Kitty tycoon game which is soooo cute!!!
The Kitty tycoon includes advertisements.

You can also play games on your tablet device.
FYI, we are open to all suggestions on furniture design. So please let us know your secret ideas for furniture. Everything is on you!

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Kitty Cat Tycoon user reviews :

Game is cute and fun, I do enjoy it. However, it’s way too ad heavy (an ad appears whenever switching between main game and event + when claiming regular mission rewards.) which gets frustrating fast and removing them VIP is not worth $29.99 for what it gives in return. Otherwise, I enjoy the art and the simplicity of the gameplay.

Love the game; the art style is fun, the upgrade system is fun and all in all it’s a good time. I think you can enjoy this game without spending any money pretty easily. 2 complaints 1. the UI can get really busy with “limited time boosts”. When many of these are active at once, I feel I only have a tiny window to manage my cats. 2. When you return from the Event Factory, back to your Main Factory, you get an ad. I feel all the other ads are fair but this one really upsets me and wastes time

So frustrating and annoying. The extra balloons come right in front of the buttons, when you try to spam buy it will stop you and move the camera to tell you that it has ranked up, and the tutorials are uneeded at some point. The event tutorial was the most recent one for me. 2 stars for the good concept but wow, bad execution

Was having fun with the game, even though it is WAY to add heavy… now I can’t open it at all. I just started playing it a couple days ago so I wouldn’t lose too much progress, but if it happens every time it updates… that’s a problem. EDIT: update was launched a day later to fix the issue. Rates back to 4 starts because it’s cute and I enjoy it. Only losing stars for the heavy ads… which is $30 to remove??? That’s insane

I will start by saying I do love the game and it’s very cute but I have some a complaint. as a note, it’s not like pictured. those “screenshots” are just promotional art, NOT screenshots of the game. (still cute tho) but the biggest issue is the price. To make any progress you have to watch ad after ad after ad, and the price to remove ads is $30, which is WAY too much. I’d happily pay $10, and that’s already double or triple what you would expect for a game like this. $30 is just too much

This game is super fun, and super easy. You don’t have to spend any money to actually play. That being said, I have it two stars because there is literally an ad for every single transaction in this game, practically forcing you to buy their $30 VIP package that makes everything actually free. If you like to sit through a bunch of ads to play a game, this is the one for you. Otherwise, don’t bother. It’s not worth $30, as much cute fun it is.
  • mafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)
  • Hello, [ Allison Church ] Cat servant! Sorry for the inconvenience. Feedback on your ads has been forwarded to the development team. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or better ideas. Our team will do our best to help you experience a better play. Thank you!

Really love this game in the start. But once i got to the end of the 6th level it got super hard to make money to progress. You either to have to watch a bunch of ads or leave the game along for a few days or more. Not a fan of that. Make the SLOWLY harder each time a level up not immediately hard after the tutoral is over. I hope this gets fixed or something cause progressing is way harder then it should be

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