Knights Fight 2 – For honor and glory

[Game] Knights Fight 2 – Honor & Glory

Knights Fight 2  Train to become the champion of the arena.

In the age of chivalry, of the war of roses and of the reign of the castles and blades, knights reign supreme. As an aspiring hero, prove yourself in hectic medieval fights – for honor and glory.

Intense duels against other knights, paladins, heroes and champions will brutally test your skill. Adapt your strategy in real-time: block attacks with the right timing, attack from where the opponent is open, and know when to play hero and when to hold your blade.

Block, clash, parry, counter, evade or even throw them off with a kick: every skill is useful to take the advantage during the duel, and be the one to take the initiative. But watch that stamina gauge, lest you let yourself get tired and present an easy opening – mistakes will be harshly punished by your rivals and their dark souls.

Create your own arsenal of formidable weapons and mount your blades on the wall: swords, axes, maces – all wielded differently (HEMA fans: half-swording and mordhau not included… yet). Assemble the perfect armor to give you impenetrable defense, complete with the paired helmet and shield – each with unique aesthetics.

Each piece of equipment has its own stats and provides unique bonuses: breaking through defenses, poisoning, added damage… In these unforgiving one-on-one battles, any small advantage can give you the edge. As a knight on a quest for honor, you will have no vanguard, no paladins, no templar by your side: only your chivalry and your sword.

Experience a solo campaign with ruthless opponents, lords and kings, harsh battles and gorgeous arenas: from castle sieges to melee pits, to charred battlefields and arid deserts, only the brave and the hardy will raise their blade and deliver the final slash on a complex political story.

Instant duels and arena seasons make you clash directly into the battle, climbing the ladder to obtain the supreme title and get the best loot. Thrust yourself into unforgiving medieval warfare: get in the arena and find the opening to unleash an array of powerful blade skills and chains of attack using special techniques (still no mordhau).

And never forget: don’t try to show off, we let that to those horse mount and blade paladins who joust. Down here in the arena, iron, blood and skills are the difference between glory, and death.

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Knights Fight 2 user reviews :

Honestly, one of the best mobile games. Reminds me a lot of infinity blade. The fighting styles, parries and bashes are all super impressive and flow amazingly well with each other. Though one problem I have with this game is how much battery it uses but that really can’t be avoided so 5 stars for me. Also it seems some people have problems running the game so if you have an older phone it is best to stay away or you might run into problems. (burning your hands is one of them.)

Very good game, I like the controls, and when your out of stamina, you can still tell where opponents will strike when their hands are on their right, left, and in the air, I like that so that you can have a chance when you panic, but the thing is, I just had 3 duel matches and I could never get the game to work ever again. And gives me Mordhau vibes, and please fix the game launching, I really can’t play again after 3 duel matches.

Decent game, but it suffers from Elder Scrolls: Blades syndrome. You’ll spend the vast majority of your time waiting for one of your chests to open (or pay premium currency to speed it up). And even worse, you can’t even store additional chests past your three slots, only one of which can open at one time. This mechanic makes the game feel like a dirty cashgrab. Blades fixed their system. You should too, or you’ll have no future.

Fun and addictive, but needs some work. The joystick function is poor and can prevent you from attacking or defending in the right sections. Doesn’t matter how drastically you move your finger, sometimes the app doesn’t recognize it, which in competitive battles can be a death sentence. I really wanna give this a 5…. but there needs to be a way to adjust the sensitivity or fix this issue.

Wow, this is an amazing console quality game. I pre-registered for this and it was worth the wait. The graphics are top quality and the controls are laid out in an easy to understand and quickly master. If you are into PVP battle action, then this is the game for you. Once you fight your first round, you’ll be hooked. See you in the Arena!!!!

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