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[Game] Knights of Ages (Early Access)

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Knights of Ages is a mobile SRPG,currently in Early Access.

Knights of Ages is a hardcore mobile game that includes elements of strategy, war chess, management, plot, turn-based, etc.
Its setting background is similar to that of the medieval Arthurian period in Europe. The plot is independent and the story is colorful!
In this game, you as an extraordinary warrior, determined to change your destiny!
There are more than 20 classes in the game, and players can experience a diverse class transfer system.
And there are different ways of support and restraint between different classes that are balanced and changeable.
These are waiting for your deliberation, to form your mercenary group, and lead the brothers to win every battle!
Is it for righteousness, love, brotherhood or faith?
These are always in conflict in the game!
Of course, sometimes you can rely not only on your own force, but on the daily operations of trade.
The game also has a rich and random training system, you can cultivate a variety of successors.
Not only can characters marry and have children, but also inherit the family’s unique heirloom.
Let them inherit your glory, and the spirit of pride!
Let it all pass on, from generation to generation, singing the legend of your family’s immortality!
Establish your own family, expand your territory, become the king of this era!

The game is still in beta phase now, if there is any bug or suggestion, please give us feedback on the following media.

Contact us:
G-mail: Knightsofages2020[at]

User Reviews :

First, it’s good game undoubtedly. I love the style, the story, even the graphic. What should improve is the stability of the game, I found a lot of bugs that killing the mood, such as, the limited time schedule that remind me to complete the main quest before 3/613 when I am in 9/613, Facebook binding that never has been bind because section time out after very second I click bind. Go make it great guys, I really love to play it and looking forward the updates.

unfortunately this nice game is suffering from annoying bug. when unit moved it doesn’t make what you ordered it and looses movement. after few times of such bug at critical situation I lost interest in this game I would create ticket for support if this would be in early access or free to play. but demanding a lot of cash for unfinished product is unacceptable and I am not intended to interact with robbers.

It’s a fairly decent game. The combat is good, challenging at times and tactical. The graphics are above most games of it’s type. UI is pretty decent. The things that take away from the experience is the sheer amount of grind that you need to do, and how the characters feel is terrible. This needs to be re-done with someone who has english as a first language. I can overlook some simple mistakes and what not, but I can’t delve into a game where I don’t know what the heck they’re trying to say.

Great game, looking forward to anymore updates that will come out. I have not finished chapter 6 at this time. However, it has been a fantastic experience. I like the layers of the characters and how you can change classes and assign them according to their attributes as well as mold them into whatever. If I had any complaint it is the silver earning is not great. It cost a lot to upgrade the castle, unless you wanna waste 10 years of character life to grind out silver to get that much.

Great SRPG for the phone. If you like Fire Emblem style games it fits that niche. Free with in game shop, but it’s not pay to play. Can play the whole game without spending a dime. Shop seems mostly there if want to skip some of grinding.

This is an incredible game really. The more I play the more I like it. There are incredibly few free to play games that truly allow you to play the full game without guilting you into paying money, or forcing you to do so by making things too difficult or too slow. Really you want to pay money in the end because you like the game and company, and want to show your appreciation. Sure paying money helps out with stuff in game, but it never feels necessary or forced.

Knights of Ages developer :


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