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[Game] Knights Raid – Lost Skytopia

Knights Raid   Fantasy Idle RPG Knight’s Raid: Lost Skytopia is

Knight’s Raid: Lost Skytopia is an anime fantasy idle RPG with innovative gameplays and generous benefits.

Stepping into the Karlmoss, a world full of mysterious stories and undiscovered treasures, you will embark on an adventure of fantasies.

To save the fractured Skytopia, you need to assemble and strengthen heroes of different races and classes to form a powerful team. By joining the guild, you can fight alongside other adventures to defeat monsters, win a lot of rewards and great honor for yourselves and your guild.

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Game Features

Casual & Idle, mysterious continent waiting for exploration
Encounter rewarding events in maps of various levels
Free your time and energy, get EXP and rewards even offline
Vertical display, play easily with just one hand

Exquisite Style, powerful heroes with unique evolved forms
Over 100 characteristic heroes of 4 major races and 6 different classes
Heroes can break through various forms to obtain powerful abilities and evolved appearance
Different heroes have tailored background stories connected to the main story line

Battle Strategy, deploy up to 10 heroes at the same time
Build your strongest lineup for competitive PVP modes, titles and honors are all yours
Unique Team Arena allows 10 heroes to battle at the same time, every hero has a place to shine
Bonds effects between heroes are the key to victory, form your team wisely to activate them

Innovative Gameplay, intriguing mazes and dungeons for daring spirit
Find the best route to pass the maze by rotating the maze room.
Many powerful guards patrol in the depths of the maze. Be prepared for battles if you want to pass.
Different mysterious events will be triggered during the exploration, and rich rewards will be granted for completing the events

Abundant Benefits, easy-to-get free resources and materials
Get FREE VIP just by logging in, supreme privileges make your adventure care-free
Get FREE 50 pulls through easy story stages, no need to pay and grind

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Knights Raid user reviews :

I love the idea of merging lower tier heroes to make higher tier ones, as opposed to most idle games that only let you release low tier heroes for materials. However, it’s executed so poorly. I can’t even tell when my units use a particular attack, all they do is move from left to right. Also, getting 6 stars is a huge pain and you might end up with one you can’t use, which is a huge waste of time/resources. This game isn’t interesting enough for me to want to keep it on my phone, sorry.

It’s fun to start but there’s two things that made me be done with this. First the gameplay is pretty much an auto battler, I find thoses devoid of actual gameplay. You just wait then level things up. So the point is to be the strongest, which leads to the main problem. This is PAY TO WIN. I was in top 30 on new server but the top guys are millions ahead. And first is one of the biggest whales I’ve ever seen. 1st was 4 million score ahead of 2nd. 16 million in 4 days. He must have spent 1000s

Only played for about a minute or 2 and it lost connection and won’t connect again. Music/sound is a bit on the obnoxious side. Not sure how the star system for the heroes are exactly, but I’m not too keen on the thought that it gives you a 5 star right away, never bodes well for the rest of the game. Design and tutorial are pretty average. So far there’s not a whole lot going for it. I do hope that it may change for the better in the future.

I just want to start this review off by saying that the low scores are unfairly judging and just want to lash out for bad RNG or jealous of whales. 1. The game isnt revolutionary in any way and is just another idle game, but we all know it can still be fun with the dollar tops and the free draws. 2. Game lets you combine 5 low rank to make the next higher rank. Almost no games out there like this do that and it’s a big deal and makes 5☆s easier to get. 3. All games want permissions get over it.

Amazing game. Don’t believe those idiots who tell you it’s p2w. There are always a bunch of people who spend generously in games. The game is very enjoyable and great for an F2P like me. The progression rate is good too. Don’t miss this!

4 star for this i had an issue about crashing in game i tried uninstalling it twice but it still crashes pls fix this. I love the game and i will rewrite my review after it is fixed thnx
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  • Please reach use via, we’ll help you with that.

Actually pretty fun! Quick tutorial, fast pace, and pretty easy to get those 5 star characters to help you fly through levels!

Latest Update :

Fix some bugs

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