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Kogama  Kogama is an online universe that lets you play, create and share games alone or together with friends.

Dive into racing, pvp action, or simply join a hang-out game to kick back with friends. Feeling creative? Invite your friends to start creating the next big game hit!

Already have an account? Log in with your existing Kogama account and play for free!

Explore millions of games created by users like yourself. Each game presents new challenges, goals and experiences! Play anything from action racing to laid back exploration games!

Super hero, angel or zombie broccoli? Build any avatar you want or browse a vast marketplace of avatars created by other users. There’s even new accessories every day to spice up your creations!

Our users work together to create new games every single day. From Kogama classics to the latest and greatest, there’s always something new to check out! Maybe your game is the next to attract thousands of players?

Kogama is absolutely free to play, but players can also purchase Gold to spend on avatars and accessories. Gold is also available completely for free, simply by playing the game.

We are always working on improving Kogama. Got any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you for playing!

NOTE: Avatar/game creation requires a mouse and is currently only available in the desktop version of Kogama.




Kogama user reviews :

I like this game but there is one problem when I was going to play it it just only showing a black screen and there’s nothing to do I reset the app and play It again and it still show Black screen pls fix the game and thank you

This game is so nice I play it with my brother and play it in my tablet and computer the build mode is so fun and the logic cubes got easier when I keep trying and reading the instructions my name is xXthe_eιite_g@merXx

I like this game and theres a problem cuz the red block is loading too long for me and it dont work for that game

i love the game best game ever! :) but it does take a long time to load

Awesome game it is a bit like roblox but the game is funny. You should put more update for this game so more people play

Fun game but i want to start out as something else besides a dumb boy so i choose not to play it alot

The sign up doesn’t work.I try to sign in, but all it says is choose your avatar and no select of anything

The game is very fun and all but there’s an appropriate game in it so that’s why I gave it a four

I have one of the latest samsung phones yet it still lags

It’s super fun but theres no chat.

I love this game I can do powers not really but it’s just like Roblox download it people please please please okay if you guys miss this game and it’s called KOGaMa okay?

I can get on the games but i can’t play this makes me very sad

It is a bit wierd but still a nice game…

Game’s great, just aiming with guns in a game like war 4 for example, its very, very hard, making it near impossible to actually survive, let alone get a kill. Other than that its enjoyable when its not lagging.

I really like this game,But please make build mode and Create avatar.This game doesn’t have too many copyright, They making for fun to kids or children.. I really wanna update my game named City2. Also when i wanted to change my avatar,something just suprised me! i got 400 gold. Maybe im lucky.Thanks

The controls for mobile are horrible i used to love the game but controls are bad and it wont let me create anything even though i have a account on my pc and mobile no matter how much ive done it wont let me please fix the controls it makes the game very not fun at alll.

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD ON MOBILE. Like you can barley even play on computer because on computer it always freezes. But maybe just less ads please make no ad for begin game

I haven’t played this game before, but since people are complaining about lag and ads, they make money from ads, which they made the game for, also blame your device for the lag! And no, it’s not a ripoff, the people are making ripoffed games not them!

I started playing kogama on 2017 and trust me, it was the BEST experience ever. though roblox has more options and servers, I still prefer kogama because of the community. There might be some toxic players but I’ve gain good friends from this game. We’re planning to meet irl too :D but what makes me sad is..this game is dying. I barely see more than 20 players play in a server and most of the people that I see were newbies. :( Thanks for the short cool childhood, Kogama.

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