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Labyrinthos Tarot  Explore the rich world of Labyrinthos Academy, the world’s premiere magic school, while you learn the ancient art of tarot reading.

**NOTE** We’re currently experiencing an issue with Google Play store auto-updating to an old alpha version from years ago. Please delete and reinstall the app to get the newest version if you find it drastically different from the screenshots. You may also turn auto-updates off for this app.

In this tarot app, you’ll discover the magic and of all 78 tarot cards, and their ability to help you reveal your inner voice. Tarot reading is not about divining a fixed future, but a method to help you create a future that is more aligned to you. Learn to read tarot, and you’ll also learn to read what lies in your truest self.

GET A FREE TAROT READING  Get readings on the go, or input your physical tarot readings to remember key points.

VARIETY OF TAROT SPREADS  Cast tarot spreads that are relevant to your situation. All the spreads we have are here:

General Tarot Spreads
Daily Tarot Reading
Single Card Spread
Past Present Future
Celtic Cross
Situation Action Outcome

Spiritual Tarot Spreads
Mind Body Spirit
Dream Interpretation

Love Tarot Spreads
Relationship Tarot Reading
Broken Heart
Readiness for Love Tarot Reading

Self Development Tarot Spreads
Self Assessment & Advice

Career Tarot Spreads
Goal Setting
Work Problems
Turbulent Finances
Building Your Future

Moon Phase Tarot Spreads
New Moon
Waxing Crescent
First Quarter
Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon
Waning Gibbous
Last Quarter
Waning Crescent

CHOOSE YOUR DECK  All Labyrinthos tarot decks are available for you to use, each with different meanings. Switch them up to match your mood!

JOURNAL YOUR TAROT READING  Log your tarot readings in your journal. Add your own notes and questions to all of your tarot readings.

LEARN TAROT, LENORMAND AND MORE  There are 78 cards in the tarot, and 36 in the lenormand. Learn their meanings through practice, while unlocking your avatar’s memories and traveling the fool’s journey.

ALL TAROT AND LENORMAND MEANINGS  In case you just wanted to browse, the tarot meanings database for all our tarot decks are available in our library.

CHOOSE REVERSALS – OR NOT  Don’t use reversals in your tarot practice? You can disable them in your settings.

GET A WIDER VIEW OF YOUR TAROT READINGS  Our mirror feature lets you see an aggregated view of all your saved readings in a time period. Learn what was the most common card, the most common suit or number, as well as your percentage of reversals.

UNLOCK AVATARS  As you progress through the lessons and gain experience, you’ll be able to use more avatars. Identify with the High Priestess? How about the Star? Let your avatar become one of the tarot cards.

SET UP REMINDERS  Never forget to get your tarot reading. Set custom reminders in your profile tab so you can always be notified to read every day, week, or month.

AD-FREE  Labyrinthos Academy is a 100% ad-free tarot app. We are supported by completely optional purchases of our physical tarot decks, whose artwork you will see in the app. Our mission is to help others discover tarot and its transformational power, because sacred knowledge should be free.

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Labyrinthos Tarot user reviews :

Highly recommend! Amazing artwork, both fun and beautiful. The navigation is not bad just a little different. Honestly, feels like your truly discovering something as you grow more familiar with the interface. Which, in my opinion, is exactly how it should be. I love it. The readings are crazy accurate also. As it seems the cosmos have a way of doing, it found me (or I stumbled upon it) at the moment I was most in need of guidance and the most receptive to receiving it. Really, thank you!!

Only had about a month, but so far I really like it! It’s a learning experience too, and doesn’t require subscriptions nor does it have a million ads!! Eerily accurate for all topics and has links to each card for further explanations and all meanings or interpretations for whatever subject you have in mind, both upright & reversed, no matter your card. You can also pick different styles and card backs! I’m impressed I have to say.. Very, very nice!!

I LOVE THIS APP! There’s seriously no other like it. The way they turn learning tarot meanings into a game is super impressive and fun! Not to mention the decks are beautiful! Yes, that’s plural, as you can change the deck you’re using to learn/practice. I love how they break categories down and then test you overall. I love that you also get to learn about card similarities, as well Zodiac signs, Planetary rulers, and more! I can tell this app was made with love and pride and I’m very grateful!

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