Last Heroes Battle of Zombies – Command your army to save humanity

[Game] Last Heroes Battle of Zombies changed to X-War:Clash of Zombies

Last Heroes Battle of Zombies  Ready to play an exciting strategy game with Superheroes vs Zombies theme?

Do you want to recruit powerful Super Heroes to defeat Zombies in the doomsday? Build your empire, train your troops, and fight alongside your superheroes in Clash of Zombies!

Build and defend your base, slay zombies with a band of legendary heroes. To survive in doomsday, you’ll need wit, will, and use different troops, spells and heroes, try different battle combinations and strategy. It’s time to Clash!

X-War:Clash of Zombies Features

Classic Clash game play, more exciting gameplay and Interesting clan items!
Complete the Superhero Book! There are over 50 legend heroes to collect and evolve!
Collect gems and empower your heroes and legend troops: You’ll see how their strength in battle grows!
Take part in Zombie Challenge and conquer the empires and castles!
Defeat evil bosses with your league mates and loot unfathomable rewards!
Challenge your friends to thrilling real-time duels, you will be legend and the king of war!
Join forces with other Heroes Masters in Alliances, build empire together and unlock exclusive rewards!
Clash of Zombies players all over the world could battle together to become the rightful king of their castles and empires!

Zombie disaster outbreaks! Are you brave and skillful enough to defeat the king of zombies in castle and base? Do you want to be the King? Don’t hesitate! Join the fierce battle with your superheroes now!

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Clash of Zombies is FREE to download and FREE to play now.

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Last Heroes Battle of Zombies user reviews :

I’m enjoying the game but have had several times used the hero wheel and it didn’t give me the parts so I wasted over 4k power and 2k gems so that’s frustrating

I like this game.Its graphics is wow. But now problem comes on backup, this game needs backup because it is suddenly uninstalled so when we will reinstall then they will give you a new boring clan,not that first clan that we made there are many games that make backup like ‘mech arena’,’marvel future fight’………so for my 5stars you need to do backup…

I like the game so far. I have only been playing for a couple days. I got to level 7 and it said server error. So I had to reload the game. When I did it looked like it started completely over! I freaked out shut down all my apps and reloaded it. It came back to level 7 but did it like 3 more times. I haven’ t had any problems since.
  • Moon Studios
  • Hi, So glad to have you in our game. We are sorry about the inconveniences caused. If you have further suggestions for us, please feel free to send them to We will continue to work and improve the game with the suggestions we have received. Thank you!

So far so good! let’s see more game play and less Time waiting for things to be built. whole reason I don’t normally play these games is all the waiting you do.

Game is pretty simple to get the hang of and straight forward gameplay. wish some of the building and upgrade times were shorter but all in all a great game.

It was my first online strategy game, it was fun and enjoyable but I stopped playing now am back and the game is better than ever before.

great game. I just redownloaded it hopefully the bugs are fixed I spent a couple hundred on it the last time n my account was deleted for some reason. still a great game tho. love it

This very good game for childrens and this games is about of avenger. Avenger are my faviroute this is the su perb game in my life good game play Have good graphic

good game I like this game very much I love game the best game is clash of zombies I write this letter and my name is Roland my clan name is ssj5

This is a good game I recommend download it as it kills time if you are bored also good graphics

Great game so far really enjoying it a lot and I see a lot of potential in this game, but there’s one probleme. If u deploy a troop a hero walks to where you deployed the troop then goes after the troop. That’s all the rest of the game is good, Hope you guys fix it please.

Cool app Can u please make it offline. Where u can fight zombies only in Offline Mode. And put some heroes from league of legends and dota2. Like Yasuo in LoL and Mirana on Dota2 too. Thats all thx

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