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[Game] Last Outlaws – The Outlaw Biker

Last Outlaws  Welcome to Last Outlaws, a fun mobile game that combines the popular genres of strategy, role-playing, and management in a unique and entertaining way.

Manage your crew, form a motorcycle club, and rule the city!

You are the president of an outlaw biker club. Your home is the fictitious Californian City of San Verde. The city is home to many criminals, from the Russian Mafia to the Mexican cartel and nefarious property sharks. You have to get along with them, and your mission is to get your motorcycle club to power. You will manage and expand your district, recruit and manage a crew of original biker characters, and equip them with a variety of firearms that are available to you. When you’re done, it is time for some solid strategy game action! Pick the right crew, face your enemy in battle and lead your club to victory!

Game Features:

Manage a district featuring 20+ buildings
Assemble and manage a crew of 40+ original characters
Collect powerful guns and items to wreak havoc upon your opponents
Strategy gameplay featuring a variety of solo and group PVE and PVP content
Design the appearance of your avatar and come up with a cool look
Form an MC (clan) and play together with your friends
Climb up in the ranks and become a legendary biker
Join a global community, make new friends and talk about bikes, guns, and tactics

Last Outlaws is a free-2-play game with in-app-purchases to speed up your progress or to buy cosmetic items for role-playing purposes.

Thank you for playing Last Outlaws! This game version features only a glimpse of what we have envisioned for our game. We are always striving to improve our game and appreciate your feedback. Your opinion helps us to make Last Outlaws an even better experience.

Last Outlaws user reviews :

I think this is the best MC GANG Rider game out there. BUT I have a request, please improve the script. It’s weird to see gang members dancing when their own member is injured. + please add thick hair (long) in female character shop, + bring cars or other cover, it looks like a joke when it all happens on road without any cover. + why not, we all wait for new features. Anyways … nice game
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It’s a very fun game good for passing the time. You need to pay for anything to customize your person or put in alot of time. It’s a slow burner. I wish there was repercussions for just leaving a club. I wish that they would look at inactive of super small like 1 or 2 clubs and let bigger club patch them over or close the 1 or 2 person clubs or if they are inactive for too long. Other then that it’s a decent game
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It’s fun it’s cool and you get to do figts shotting and storylines. But the one thing that is bothering me is that it has a blackout and restarts my phone I thought it was me so I cleared my storage deleted apps but it still has blackouts I’m not blaming I’m just letting people know but I still think it’s because of my cheap phone that I have so maybe my phone or a glich tell me if it is please. (I still recommend playing this game it’s awesome)
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I think we should be able to level up more then one person at a time plus it takes so long to upgrade or level up without paying. I love this game but at time it gets boring because you have to wait so long to heal or upgrade.
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Great job but when we do Conquest we should be able to pick who we have a beef with instead of random and get more star’s and when you watch the videos for the freebies you can watch a couple then when you go to get them the game freezes and kicks you off and I have the best phone and wifi available
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  • Hey there, thank you for taking the time to send us your suggestions! We will recommend them to the related department. Have a great time playing

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