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[Game] Lazy Master

Lazy Master  Right now! It takes only 5 minutes!

Log in and grab various rewards that await you!
It’s so easy upgrading your heroes in Lazy Master!

Game Features

5-minute RPG
Zero to mastery in 5 minutes!
Glide to mastery through ‘Hero Road’ and ‘Growth Missions’!
Complete the Hero Road and obtain a 6-star hero right away!

Easy, breezy upgrade system
Claim daily rewards and play rewards! Summon and upgrade your heroes!
Use ‘Reset Hero Level’ to choose and upgrade a new hero.

24-Hr idle mode
Your heroes will continue the fight while you’re offline. Collect your rewards at the next login!
In need of heroes, gear, magic items, or upgrade materials? Choose the plan you need!

Various contents and events every day
Sanctuary: Challenge the most fearsome teams with your friends!
Battle Festival: Guess who will be the winner!
Guild War: A full-scale battle against other guilds!
Special Events: Endless events filled with fun coming to you every day, week, and month!

Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Lazy Master. Lazy Master is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. A network connection is also required.

Official Facebook page

Support URL

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

Parental Guidance

Device Requirements
Operating Systems: Android 4.4 or higher
Memory: 2GB or more
Even if your device meets the requirements above, some devices may be restricted to play.

Obligatory Permissions Guide
Access to Storage (Mandatory) – This permission is for installing and saving game data.

How to disable permissions
OS 6.0 or higher: Settings>Applications>App permissions>Disable app permissions
OS 6.0 or lower: Unable to disable permissions, you can delete the app to disable permissions

Lazy Master user review :

The good: Lazy Master is a decent game. It is not a game that you grind on, all day long. It’s a game you do maybe 5~10 minutes of direction in, collect resources, level up what you can, and then close it out to idle and collect resources for you each day. The game revolves around collecting heroes (1 to 5 stars, create 6 and 7 star heroes) and giving them equipment and leveling up a creature to continue all the areas in the game via combat. The first 3 days will take you from zero to 6 star hero via the pathway if you follow it. After that, you will hit the slow grind of doing all the things to collect resources. Eventually you will find out that you can collect resources forever, and it’s great to have tons of materials, but it won’t matter at all unless you have heroes to spend it on, and even then, heroes that you want. After 5 star heroes, you have to combine heroes plus lower tier heroes together to form the higher tier heroes. So if you don’t have these heroes (and its specific), your mats will build up but you’ll have little to do with them as you grind and wait daily to get the right heroes to continue leveling your top tier heroes. So by day 4 and 5, you may get past having level 140 with a 6 star hero and a bunch of 5 star level 100 heroes and a level 10 creature and find yourself stuck, because you can’t get enough new heroes to keep upgrading your heroes of choice to 6 star and above. Not all heroes can even star-up to 6 and 7, so you have to read everything and be careful what you invest in or it’s wasted potentially. Once you figure this out, you’re grinding for heroes, less for mats. The game gives you the right mats all the time. The heroes are random, unless you purchase them directly with special mats from all the different things you can be a part of in the game. You have to do everything, daily, and still will have a hard time getting the right heroes to continue leveling up your heroes to 6 star or 7 star. 7 star heroes will take forever, but if you’re still playing by then, you know that. Also, the game has ONE ad. Just one. So you’re not invasively hammered with ad driven freebies all day. So a big high five to the devs for not making this a painful to experience game due to invasive non-stop ads. The bad: Honestly the only gripe I have is that while everything can be done for free, I am happy to pay for something good. Unfortunately, the pay system in this game, the perks and mats and heroes you get for your cash is actually really a poor deal. Even just reviewing the top shelf purchases of $99 the rewards you get are not impressive at all. I would happily spend $1 to $5 often if the rewards were pretty good. But they’re not. You would think “pay to win” would apply here, but it doesn’t. If you choose to pay for anything, the deals are pretty abysmal, even the $20+ packages are pretty much a let down with zero guarantee of anything seriously good, other than more mats that you already get tons of daily. You need heroes. Not mats. Heroes. And the pay system doesn’t give you a simple way to buy a single hero or a handful of them since the mats you get result in random heroes and you can then replace them with other heroes via exchange, with more mats, but there’s still elements of random. Anyhow, I would totally pay for packages if they were really useful. But they’re not. After you play the game for a week and see what everything is, then look at the pay options for packages, you’ll keep looking for anything remotely useful and not find it, even at the high pay tier! For $99 I would expect a full line up of 6 star or 7 star heroes and a max creature or something. But no, you may get enough mats to level up one hero to 6 star. Maybe. This is bad. Also, the low pay tier stuff, $1~5 should be hot, but it’s not, I would expect someone to get addicted to spending $1~5 and getting enough mats to gamble heroes. But no. You get very few mats. Not even enough for one solid hero. Anyhow, odd that this is a con to me maybe, but I find the pay-system to be rather terrible for what you get.
  • LINE UP Corporation
  • Hello, Master. Thank you for your indepth review! We appreciate you sharing what you thought was good and bad about the game. Regarding your thoughts on the package deals, we will make sure to pass this on to our dev team. We hope you continue to enjoy Lazy Master as we continue to provide you with a better gaming experience! Thank you.

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