Legend of Heroes – Leading the continent back to the light falls on you

[Game] Legend of Heroes – Eternal Arena

Legend of Heroes  Legend of Heroes is a legend RPG card game.

The grand world setting and wonderful plot can bring you an immersive game experience. There are hundreds of cool hero cards in the game, and the probability of drawing cards is extremely high. You can easily get your favorite hero character. There are various ways to play, casual hang-up, hero collection, adventure, strategic duel, competitive ranking… how The game is up to you.

The background of the game is set on a magical dark continent. The origin of everything is the conspiracy of the devil. As a summoner with the ability to summon the devil, the task of saving the continent and leading the continent back to the light falls on you. It is always dark before dawn, and you, as a brave man, shoulder the mission of bringing back the light.


Fantasy Style – The game screen is biased towards a Fantasy style, with bright colors and diverse scene designs, allowing you to discover surprises in your adventures every moment.

Immersive plot – The ups and downs of the plot line, just the right bgm, bring you a different adventure experience.

Strategy Card – Different from the traditional turn-based card gameplay, strategy and some operations are added to the game, which is easy to use and increases the fun of the game, making your game no longer monotonous.

Diversified Gameplay – Heroic adventures, strategic competitions, challenging world bosses… Rich gameplays can bring you a unique game experience!

Elite Level – Each level has higher difficulty, and there are some challenges that are defended by the player. You can get rich game resources from it!

Legend of Heroes user reviews :

The game is good but sometimes there are still chinese words i can’t even understand second the game is so slow to load up third the game itself can’t log in into my Facebook account i dont know why and fourth the summon altar even if you have created a new account or new server its just the same heroe you will get how unsatisfying is that please fix this thanks

This game is identical at least to two other games I’ve played last couple of years. Same battle display and a team of three heroes. The dev who copied the game should make it four or five in a team then it would look different.

Run out of stamina (playtime) real fast in f2p. A few hours in. Another update. Got on a roll then hit a progression wall due to level. Day 2.
  • AnitaBonnie
  • If you encounter any problems in the game, please leave a message on our facebook, we will solve the problem as soon as possible

OMG this game is so cool you need to update it cuz when you updated it’s getting more awesome like I’m waiting on the whole time I never losing it I love it I love it the game supposed if you updated already I want to say thank you for updating this game because it’s very beautiful and I love you so this game is way too much not all games may be better but this game is very nice thank you for updating this or if you haven’t updated so thank you but I love what you vs people that has the game

It’s good game.. I hope it will not shutdown.. It’s should have an update and make five(5) team formation.. Thank you

Why can’t update the game. No update in apps store. Please fix! Thanks.

Why i cant log in it says update but when i go to the playstore no update only open. Fix it plzz

Nice game…i love to play this…but we need… good updated make 5vs5

Nice game but plz fix lag & add more cute heroes

Great game. Need more players though

Fantastic and very addictive games! One of the best game I ever played…

Nice game become top 1 in server 6

Love this incredible game

I like this games

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