Lethe – Grants you a real sense of music performance

[Game] Lethe

Lethe  Lethe game has the best artistic quality and effects

I’ve ever seen.- Japanese music master Onoken.

A brand new game experience. It will change music games forever!- Taiwan’s top musician Vanros Kloud.

Lethe is a theatrical music game designed with beautifully artistic scenes, sand painting scrolls, and high quality music. Players can discover the lost memories of the Lethe continent by gathering elven energy and solving puzzles. The pictorial operations help you release the mysteries and riddles that bind and separate Taya and Omari.
Game Features
Brand new gameplay where you open a musical scroll and dive into a unique world of magic and sound. As you journey through this world, more and more music will be unlocked and an immersive world of adventure will open up to be discovered.
Play to the tunes of original musicians from around the world, such as Onoken, Vanros Kloud, Sakuzyo, and celebrated newcomer Kage.
Rise above traditional visual experiences through a perfectly developed Unity 3D integrated game system.
Grants you a real sense of music performance. Every scene of this game is hand painted and fuelled by the mystical power of music and emotion.
You will become immersed in an epic fantasy drama set in the style of a timeless fairy tale.
Indieplay Best Music Sound Effects
Jinyuan Best Music Sound Effects
Jinyuan Best Art Design
CGDA Best Mobile Game Design & Innovation Award
TIGA Best Game Nominations
Very Big Indie Pitch – The Fourth Best Game (The only Asian product nominated)
IMGA Highest Award Nomination
IMGA Most Anticipated Game Award
IMGA Best Audio Award
Taipei Game Show Best Art Award

Lethe user reviews :

It’s a shame this game’s been forgotten……..or so I feel.It is beautiful and has the most dynamic type of gameplay in any music game I have played so far in terms of art……and I’m a big fan of music games like cytus, deemo, arcaea etc…If you’re still active, please add google play cloud sync cuz…..I don’t use facebook.

REALLY BEAUTIFUL I especially love how the scene plays out throughout the game, there is so much depth to it. AND THE MUSIC IS FANTASTIC. The item you get after each level is a nice touch too. Its tragic that you have to buy some songs but overall it’d be nice to have a way to turn off the graphics so you can focus on the notes. Also, more songs! Its pretty limited in song choice compared to other rhythm games

The graphic is good, and the story is interesting. But I can’t log in on facebook because there’s an error even though my facebook app run normally. And in my opinion, the circle in the gameplay is too blend into the background, sometimes I didn’t notice there’s circle. Maybe you can add background dimness setting? Or just modify the circle, make it bigger or highlight the border.. or maybe just add small trail from circle one to circle too etc so it looks more conspicuous. Thank you.

Constantly wants you to login but there’s just an error that doesn’t even let me get to there login portal. Yes, I have an internet connection. Everything else on the phone is fine except this.

I’m using a one+ 5T and the screen is cut all around so that I can’t click or hardly click some buttons. Plus the sync option is completely bugged. Other than that, it seems like a very cool and beautiful game.

very beautiful music, however I couldn’t find a way to reduce volume. even with my phone’s volume at the lowest it’s too loud for me.

I loved the gaming experience of Lethe because I never played before rhythem or music game like Lethe. I really appreciate the gameplay of the game. I am from India and I loved your culture . I like to play japanese music games. I also shared it in my group. I blessed your company that your company achieved 1B+ download s in India.

This is probably the best game I’ve played in the past few years. The atmosphere is great. The game is in total harmony with it’s beautiful music, it’s painted graphic is looks gorgeous and it’s also very fun (especially for music lovers). It is relaxing but can be very challenging too. I just simply love it :D Gj developers! Huge kiss from Hungary :3 (Sorry if i misspelled something I’m still learning the language)

I was looking for a game like cytus… This plays a lot like it… great game

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