Life of a Mercenary – Rise to the top of the mercenary chain

[Game] Life of a Mercenary

Life of a Mercenary   Lead a mercenary company seeking fame and fortune.

Be honorable and help defend the kingdom or take contracts to those who pay the most. Rise to the top of the mercenary chain in this medieval story based around the events of The Great Tournament.

Life of a Mercenary is a 338,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Philip Kempton, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Play as male or female mercenary.
An open world adventure taking place in a medieval setting.
Unique combat and leveling system makes every game unique.
Multiple story lines, hidden quests, and endings.
Checkpoint system allows you to save your progress and restore to a previous point
Choose to be an honorable or fight for whoever pays the most gold.
Participate in war campaigns helping other nations fight off enemies.

Life of a Mercenary user reviews :

Great text game, but sadly the number of misspelled words or grammar errors or just the mistakes in general is quite a lot. Odd because the English is otherwise very good. I would do the editing on this myself if the Creator sent me the whole thing in a word processing app. Again, I really wish this was updated and fixed all the spelling and grammar mistakes. There are a ton. Sadly. Please fix or let me fix !

EDIT: i just came back to say that i finished the story and, i have to say, it’s quite a beautiful adventure. Play on normal to make sure you see it to the end :P The game is incredibly immersive, fun and way more complex than i thought it would be. Playing on hard mode is to me the best way to experience it. The only drag is the possibility of losing hours of progress after dying with no “checkpoint restarts”. Another thing that is both a pro and a con is that you learn to play by playing.

Its good. Can be improved, but it still better compared to other interactive novels. Actually, I’ve read all the “Hosted Games” and “Choice Of Games LLC” Novels. And please I really need the continuation of games/novels like “Zombie: Exodus” I have been waiting for years for part 3, or maybe part 4 if we include “Zombien” for the Zombie: Exodus series. Also we need Wayhaven 2, Samurai of Hyuga 5, and Breach Part 2. I have seen the Demo Part 2 of “Wayhaven” in your Site but its like a cliffhanger

absolutely loved it, great story and I liked having to upgrade my keep/castle, and getting troops and whatnot. only things I had issues with was the lack of unique Mercenaries and such, and the fact that your keep is obsolete once you have access to the main campaign story line, idk, still give it a 5 for how well put together and fun ot was :3

The game was certainly interesting, and I enjoyed the development of some of the characters. There’s quite the strength to this game, as the characters feel real with their personalities; well made! However, the combat feels really random and awkward a times (when you try to attack even a weak opponent, and end up missing repeatedly five times, what’s that for?). Furthermore, I do feel the game lacks a strong central storyline. Yeah we’re mercenaries on contract, but a main story would be good.

I enjoyed the game, throughout the experience I wanted to go with what I would as a person do but it leaves me wanting to know what would have happened if I went the other route, would’ve appreciated going on forever until my character died but I got to week 15 and just couldn’t do anything past that

One of the best cyoa text story games i have played on andoird. Lots of choices and consequence, interactive mercenary company management, revealing characters through interaction etc. Compelling campaigns and storyline, the writing isnt bad either. Could use some refining in the combat department though, seems a bit random. Has potential for further expansion.

I really liked it but the only thing where I get irritated is when I accidentally press somehow the other choices, which I don’t like. I don’t why it does that and I knew you have to swipe to the right first or just click the next button for you to make the choices. Anything besides that is it’s a nice game and I kinda have a d&d kind of vibe. I loved it

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