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Life Planner  Celebrate today and plan for tomorrow with Life Planner

Life Planner helps you increase your productivity, manage your finances, and create healthy habits that stick.

Thousands of people rely on Life Planner to stay organized, manage their finances and bring joy to their lives.

Life Planner is simple and easy to use with tons of features to help you improve your life by staying organized and achieving your goals.

All the features you need in one app.
Productivity Features
Personal Finance Features
Habits Features
Journaling Features

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All these features in one easy to use application.

Increase your productivity
Organize your tasks and to-do list
Life Planner provides you with task managers, to-do lists, daily schedule, goals tracker, planner, calendar, notes, reminders, checklists, calendar events, grocery lists and more.
Monthly calendar view & agenda view, projects, tasks lists all side by side.
Get unlimited & customizable reminders so you will never miss a moment.
Keep all your work; to-do lists, projects, tasks and calendar synced so you’ll never forget a thing.

Get all the reminders you need in one place.

Get one time reminders, recurring reminders, daily reminders and more.

Personal Finance
Best in class, financial planning, expense tracking and personal finance management app.

Life Planner makes managing your finances as easy as pie! Now you can easily record your personal and business financial transactions, generate spending reports, review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and manage your bills with Life Planner spending tracker and budget planner.

Plan your monthly budget and schedule your recurring expenses right from your phone.

Based on the data entered, you can instantly see your expenses by date and category and changes between each month and even year!

You can also see your expenses and income by graphs and charts.

Life Planner supports monthly budgets for as many years as you want as well as daily and one-time budgets for those special occasions and birthday parties.

Habits and Routines
Keep your routine and habits organized as you build strong habits that stick
Now you can keep track of your habits in one place.
Just enter your routine in Life Planner and record your progress every day.

Set habit reminders; as many as you want. No limit!

Define habits according to your needs
Create different habits and routines, set daily, weekly or even monthly goals.
Organize your habits by time of day so that it’s easy to know when to embark on your morning, afternoon or evening routine.

Build strong habits and improve everyday
Create streaks of success for your habits and motivate yourself by tracking up your progress as time goes by.
See your progress weekly and monthly with a calendar. You can see your progress across years if you want to.

Get a daily journal with lock:
You can use Life Planner to record daily journals, secret thoughts, journeys, moods and any private moments.
Enjoy a diary with pictures, support for adding themes, stickers, mood and font.

Set your goals and LifePlanner will help you track them with consistent daily effort.

Automatic Sync
Take your data with you wherever you go. Life Planner will automatically sync to all your connected devices, with unlimited storage.

Life Planner offers you all the tools you need to improve your life and enjoy a more meaningful, purposeful and joyful life.

We aim to brighten your days by giving you the tools for success.

Life Planner is a really good “LIFE APP” and deserves to be installed. Life Planner will always be with you and listen to you.

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Life Planner user reviews :

I absolutely loved this app, had everything I needed without me buying any deals until recently, it restarts my phone whenever I open it, and no other app did this except this one, I’ll uninstall it for now and hopefully this gets fix Update : I installed it again after 2 days since then and it’s finally working back to normal again, Thanks a lot for resolving this, it’s a amazing app and I’m happy to continue using it smoothly :)
  • A Plus Creators Studios
  • Hi, we are so happy that you have been using our app and like it. We have identified this issue. We’d love to let you when the fix is available to download. Since we don’t have your email, kindly shoot us an email at[at] or so that you don’t miss out on the update. Big Thanks!

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