Like a King – Your story just begins

[Game] Like a King – PvP Strategy

Like a King  Our Kingdom needs a new King!

Do you like strategies, tower defence, collectible card games? Check!
Are you ready for fast multiplayer battles and epic fights? Check!
Aren’t you afraid of orcs, monsters and sharp-eyed elves? Check!

Well, you totally in, my King! Put on the crown, check in your own castle and play now – FOR FREE!

Let me catch you up to speed, Your Majesty:

This is the Land of Thousand Kingdoms, a fantasy world full of magic, adventures and legendary battles. Mighty kings of Humans, Orcs, Elves and Undeads fight for calling this world their home. From now on you are our King and your story just begins. Start your conquest and win hundreds of victories, conquer the whole world and lead your kingdom to glory, so the bards will sing the ballads about your deeds! Sounds great, isn’t it? We’ve got more to go!

As a wise ruler you need to know that “Like a King” – is a real-time strategy which combines different features of tower defence, online arena brawlers, moba and collectible card games. To battle against other kings you will use cards of your collection, but not just use, but combine them into powerful battle decks. Each card is a building that you can build on the battlefield. And each building does some unique stuff – pops units, mines gold or even pulls bone spikes out of the ground! We’ve got three factions with their own army and three big card collections to explore and combine your own deck. So let’s keep moving, my King, next stop – WAR!

OK, your Majesty, do you see that pathetic player on the other side of the battlefield? Yep, that’s your rival. And you will have a lot of them, my King. You will fight with them by building towers, mines and barracks and making ways for your units and command them to destroy the enemy’s castle. In these battles you and your opponent fight online and each your deсision and move will affect who will win the fight.


Real-time battles against live players – RTS
Big arsenal of cards to collect and play
Three factions: Human, Orcs and Undead
Fast battles with different tactics
Campaign with big storyline and boss fights
Arena-generating system – each fight on a new battlefield
Weekly Tournaments with special rewards
Duels against most hated opponents
League Tournaments
Quests and Seasons


Humans – balanced might and magic with a firepower of dwarves
Orcs – sturdy brawlers that loves to raid and pillage enemy’s gold
Undeads – zerg your opponents with a horde of zombies and ghouls

Each faction has its unique playstyle and their own card collection, army of units with their special mythic upgrades


We worked hard to make you love each of your peasant
Brutal characters and brave heroes to shine in your collection
Fantasy arenas to brawl with your rivals: clash in the snowy mountains, on sunny meadows, in deadly swamps and scorched wastelands
Atmosphere music and sounds – feel yourself in the royal castle or in raging fight


Regularly updates and community feedback response
Friends chat and duels with friends – DONE!
Undeads faction – DONE!
World Map and Campaign – DONE!
Cards comparison – DONE!

We have much more to do! Your epic battles and feedback encourage us to do more! Keep on the Throne and you will see how this world grows!


Like A King is free to download, install and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
Like A King – online multiplayer game with live player opponents, so you will need stable internet connection to play

Like a King user reviews :

The game is fun but I do hate the time limit, it’s never satisfying without be able to destroy the opponents base fully after 5 mins. it would always be a tie

Actually quite enjoyable, but whats with the forcing ad every match… Its sooo annoying…
  • LAK Games
  • Thank you, Dhimas! We are also not fans of ads, but this is an opportunity for the game to work.
This game is so unique. It must use my brain to fight my enemy. Love it.
  • LAK Games
  • Big thanks, Erwin! We’re figths now to keep the game on – just released worldwide, used to add commercials to game to keep it goin’ (kinda upset about it but we need it to push forward). We very happy to see such commentaries as yours – it’s a big hug for us to keep going. Stay with us – we’re got a lot new things we want to do in this project!

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