Little Kitty Town – Explore this meowtastic city

[Game] Little Kitty Town – Collect Cats & Create Stories

Little Kitty Town  NEW! Even more cool surprises, fun locations and cute cats!

Become friends with a robot kitty! Visit brand new music and car shops. Play basketball and have fun with a bubble machine! Find a piñata and discover more secrets of Little Kitty Town!

Little Kitty Town is a purrfect game for boys and girls who love cute animals, surprises and experiments. Explore this meowtastic city and find adventures on every corner! Create your own stories with the fluffy citizens of Little Kitty Town!

In Little Kitty Town kids can:

Collect more than 40 unique cats — from cute chubby kittens to panda cats to even unicorn kitties! New cats are always arriving at the airport!
Find hidden cat creatures: a superhero cat, meowmaid, robot cat, purrgasus and kitty ghosts!
Create crazy pet hairstyles and fun outfits for cats. Mix and match clothes and accessories as they want!
Show off your musical talent in a brand new music shop!
Harvest crops, go fishing and cook food!
Care for, wash and feed the cats!
Try out a magic teleport!
Visit a car shop and drive fun cars and boats — even a police car or a firetruck! Fly a helicopter!
Dance to pawsome music with the party cats!
Clean up the cat city and keep it tidy!
Interact with 40+ characters, 15+ locations and 100+ objects freely!
Make up their own unique stories as they play!

You can also play

Play Little Kitty Town — a cute and simple game for kids that sparks curiosity, encourages creative thinking and lets little ones become visual storytellers!

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Little Kitty Town user reviews :

Meh, this game is good for ppl that like stuff like this but this just isn’t my thing EVERYTHING IS ADS TO GET NEW STUFF I hate ads I give ads 0 stars but there is stars to collect everywhere no matter wut u do I don’t even think that u can use the stars for anything so if u like stuff like this and stuff in the reviews u saw then have fun with the game while I delete it thanks for reading this review I hope it was helpful even though there’s not much -_- BUHHHHHHHHHH BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

What I like the most of this game is that I can paint and also open gift and get new pets. I really like this game and also one was a lion not a kitty. But l wish they could remove the add. And I wish they could update more

I love it you can have your own hair style and you can put food stuff into the fridge and it will turn up in other food and you can calect stars cool stuff and plz remof the ads in stuff plz

This game is sooooo awesome but… I hate when you want a present or a new kitty… Adds come your way

Good game but add it to you can change it from day to night.

I love this game so much i really like this game because I love cats so much it reminds me of my cat Momo because I’m on vacation and I don’t get to see it her

This is a really a fun game and lots of cats.

I dont just write a 5 star review for the game, but for the entire team of VERY Talented People. You all are AWESOME! Keep It up!

I love this app cuz i love cats i like how its called kitty town cuz my cat name is kitty so this app is good for kids

The cats are very very very cute.

I really like this game thanks to that person who made this game that person deserve a vacation to a five-star hotel

I love kitty town it is full of cuteness

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