LocPoint – Generate unique identifiers for every location on Earth

[App] LocPoint – Easy Location Sharing (GPS Replacement)

LocPoint  Have you ever tried sending someone GPS coordinates over the phone, with all those characters, commas and cardinal directions? That’s definitely prone for errors, and this is where LocPoint steps in. It’s an app that lets you generate unique identifiers for every location on Earth in easily transmittable format (5 groups of 3 digits). No indication of + / – / N / S necessary. No information with commas.

To completely secure the right place, just repeat the 15 digits individually. As with the transmission of a telephone number, very simple.

Simply start the app, then use the integrated map to search for a location and generate an identifier for it. You can also convert any LocPoint identifier to a Google Maps marker. GPS coordinates are also shown for each location. LocPoint doesn’t require an active Internet connection, as long as your device has an active GPS sensor.

The internet address WWW.LOCPOINT.DE can be called up worldwide with any internet browser. There is a converter integrated with which you can convert this location into a link for Google Maps. This app is a very good help in Google Maps GPS Navigation.

Main Features

this is a universal location app
Your location will be converted directly into the LOCPOINT.DE code
This also works offline with the GPS sensor of the device
The LOCPOINT.DE location identifier can be copied directly to the clipboard
Is thus in any app, an indication in various formats available
This data package contains the 15 signs LOCPOINT.DE location identifier
In addition, a link for Google Maps is included
Also a key for automatic location detection with this app
This works if you have copied this data package to the clipboard before starting the app
This data package can be sent directly via SMS, WhatsApp and Email
The LOCPOINT.DE location identifier can also be moved to an overlay ad
In this case, you can start any app
This is e.g. useful if you want to call with phone to transfer the position
The GPS coordinates of the device are always displayed up to date (in the lower box)
Possibility of calling an integrated Google map (online connection required)
The marker name (place name) can be edited arbitrarily
Edit the marker name either in the main menu or in the map view
Select the marker and click the name
The position of the selected marker can be changed in the map display
To move the map until the crosshairs at the desired location
Clicking the blue button moves the marker
New markers can be added in the map view
To move the map to the desired position (crosshairs) and click on the green button
Selected markers are deleted with the red button
All positions of the markers are constantly stored automatically
If no marker is selected, the current position of the crosshairs is always displayed
If in this case the display of the map is ended with the Back button, you are automatically asked if you want to insert a new location
Optionally, the read-out of the notifications can be activated in the setup (min. Android 4.4)
For incoming SMS or WhatsApp messages, you only have to start the app to see the location


Single click on the start screen immediately opens the main menu
Long click on the Google Maps icon immediately shows the map with the last used location (even if no GPS signal)
Use LocPoint as carfinder
Share a meetingpoint
Use Locpoint as gps tracker
Share Location where you are not at the moment
Use for list of your favorite places
Use as location finder
Use for location history

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Maybe you write a review and tell me what I can do to make this app even better.

Few words from developer :
I’m Gunnar Daehling, a German app developer with 5 published apps so far. I mainly focus on apps that provide GPS/location-related functionality, and LocPoint is the latest addition to the family.
Last Update :
Saved positions can be displayed in a list, in this list you can select the markers to be displayed in the map (line option checked), to access this list, click on the banner with the globe in the main menu, in the map view you can reach this list by a long click the search icon, Google places search added in the map view,

LocPoint developer :


Video :


Download LocPoint from Play Store

Thanks to Gunnar for sharing LocPoint

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