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LONEWOLF is an intense game with moral conflicts.

1 Minute: Your mental-noise has calmed down. It’s just you and your weapon.
2 Minutes: You feel the wind, you know the distance, you sense your target’s movements
3 Minutes : You hear the echo of your gunfire… You made the first kill. Silence.

Can you handle it? The story unfolds..

Get immersed in a deep Neo-Noir story driven sniper adventure game.
You step into the role of a mysterious assassin. His motives – a secret.
You did what had to be done to enter the ‘Assembly’, a criminal organization.

Who is this man? What happened? Soon you’ll realize that there’s more to him than meets the eye.
The mesmerizing atmosphere and thrilling story will glue you to your device.

While you work for the ‘Assembly’ you’ll get your hands on various weapons.
Sniper Rifles, Assault rifles, Pistols, Bombs and even your bare hands.

There’s more than 20 Weapons to unlock, upgrade and collect!

5+ Hours Story Mode
30 Missions
Hand Drawn Cutscenes
More than 20 Weapons
Realistic Weapon Sound and Recoil
A Dozen Mini-games
Several shooting Ranges
Trophy Room with more than 40 trophies
From the publisher of Clear Vision

LONEWOLF user reviews :

The overall game was great and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a mobile game with a great story. Only reason this isn’t a 5 star review is due to the energy system, this takes some of the fun out if the game because you feel pressured to complete the level in a certain amount of goes and this is borderline infuriating. P.s whens part 2 coming

This game story-wise is quite interesting. Didn’t expected that twist to be honest. But i have one god damn problem with this game. It’s the god forsaken “aim” in this (aside from sniping mission, which is what the aim is intended for.) The Bridge for example, require you to hit them precisely without much “cover”. Which is hard enough in itself. Added the fact you need to headshot them to get the achievements. Another example is The Skybar and The Parkade.

The game is great although there are alot of ads and you need to pay for premium to get an ad free game. The hardest part was clear the skybar. You need to be very fast to kill the 4 guys chilling at the left and then kill the bar tender. I only manage to kill 3 to 4 of them. I think you need to pay premium to get a better pistol to kill all of them. So i havn’t finish the game

Amazingly well done, my only complaint is that you cant redo missions for cash… it would have made sense to allow us to do this especially once we have completed all the missions. I know a good game when I see one and I knew at first sight this was going to be good and most importantly I knew this was a Simon Hason game judging entirely by the art style. The game is not only fun and challenging, but it feels good to play. Well done Mr.Hason, well done.

It awesome the graphics are simple but they work really well and peoe are saying the controls are bad so i was bracing myself for that but really… they were pretty good. I could play for hours and hours wondering what will happen next in intruiging storyline im going back to this irresitible masterpeice now.

A really well-made android game. The controls might be a little awkward at the start but after 3-4 missions you get used to it. The story is very captivating and well-written. Great job FDG keep up the good work!

Awesome updates. Adding more weapons, accesories, and more importantly, background story for our Lonewolf. Now there’s a tip if you failed the mission so you can figure out the way to complete it, it cost 500CR. Or you can watch the youtube video option at the top right corner.

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