Lords Hooray – Leave your legend everywhere in this world

[Game] Lords Hooray – Legends of Legion

Lords Hooray  Hooray! Hooray!

My Lord, welcome back to this ancient magic world! Start your new adventure with many subordinates, cute and cool! Find all of them along with your journey, build up your unstoppable legions, and conquer the world!


Head-to-Head Battle: Defend your tower and destroy your opponent’s one is your goal!

2000+ Stages to Conquer: From desert to ice land, leave your legend everywhere in this world!

100+ Characters to Collect: Soldiers and heroes from 5 different races, each one is unique.

Merge to Evolve: No one will be wasted, every character can evolve to unlock new look and skills, of course with a power boost.

Embattle with Strategy: Line up your legions wisely, even the stronger enemy will be defeat.

Dungeons to Challenge Daily: Types of dungeons and tasks are waiting for you to explore. Watching ads to get double bonuses!

Plenty of Idle Rewards: Earning gold coins, diamonds, and other game resources when you are AFK, and getting well prepared when you back to gaming.

Continuous Updates: The developer keeps doing updates weekly to optimize the game experience, and provide players with new things.

Kind Reminder:
*A network connection is required when playing the game.
*If there are any problems, please feel free to contact us at lordshooray[at]gmail.com

Lords Hooray user reviews :

I played this because of the sponsored video from YDCB and the game is ok but it’s super annoying that all the “free” stuff requires you to watch an ad. There are also times that after watching an ad it doesn’t give you the reward. I’ve played other games that don’t require you to watch ads to get free stuff and still earn money. I’ll bump up the stars once the ads are reduced.

Its ok I like that they give out some decent enough rewards and summons to get you started. I’m sure the game is p2w as most are but I have a feeling this might be one of them where it matter a lot less (if you are willing to watch ads ofcourse)

Very simple, but oddly fun little game. Ads are optional, in game purchases are reasonable enough, and draw rates for the good stuff is pretty decent! Art is unique, plenty to do for a quick run every day. Overall a great start, and I hope to see more development down the line. Edit: One suggestion I have is to add an option to reset a unit’s level and get the gold back from having leveled it.

There is a trend in gaming where they have the user click on many parts of the screen to gain some sort of reward. This is redundant as they could put all the rewards in one spot. They do this to give you the illusion that the game that has depth but in reality is merely a shallow puddle. This is an attempt to force you to learn their tedious interface and thereby take more of your attention and time. It has nothing to do with enhancing the experience.

Fun but gets grindy. I even spend some money to get traction but it doesn’t matter. The balance of troops is very bad… One Ice dragon can screw up your entire army with same stats. I give 1 star to such games though this game had a great potential so 2 stars. If the balance is fixed will definitely give them good rating. edit: gave it 3 stars as Devs are trying to make game better. It is still grindy though I appreciate the efforts.

I really like it but.. the game keeps force closing on me during the game and it’s happened everytime I’ve opened it. I only get through a map and then boom closed and it’s usually when you try to view the ads to get more reward and even then it closes on me

The game is very fun and interesting to play but I can’t give it full stars due to certain rewards are required to watch ADS to receive but when you try to watch it, the game just tells you that the ADS is not ready so that’s means you can’t claim the rewards.

This game is truly fantastic. The mechanics especially the upgrade system are ace and so rewarding. Just love it look forward to seeing where this game progress to. Perfect job developers keep up the good work.

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