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[Game] Lords of Kingdoms

Lords of Kingdoms  Lords of Kingdoms is a multiplayer war strategy game.

On a land full of wars and dark chaos, you inherited a historic small castle. As a king, you need to build and upgrade a variety of buildings to forge your stronghold, and gradually build up a powerful army to defend your castles, or plunder resources from other lords to speed up the development. This online imperia game is very special, it implements fresh and interesting rules, well-designed game mechanics allow you to enjoy the fun of a real war game. Make your castles rise, become the world conqueror, claim your total domination in the age of lords and knights.

This game is a lords mobile game, but it has different versions to support all platforms including mobile phones, mobile pads, PC and web browsers.

Features >>

Friendly tutorial helps you master the game in minutes and rise.
Build and manage your castle, expand your realm or create new towns as you grow.
Four battle modes: wild land, castle war, expedition and kings of discord.
Rich bonuses and rewards help new players grow fast, they are useful to forge an empire.
Plunder resources from other lords & castles or exile them to remote realms.
Hunt monsters in exiled kingdoms to find the lost throne.
Play matches or clashes in arena realms to achieve honors and reveal your military power.
Collect crystals to craft artifacts for heroes which improve their might and magics greatly.
Battles videos can be watched in real time, or replay them later.
Form an alliance base to protect your empires, up to three kingdoms.
A lot of legend items to win: Dragon Shield, Giant Gloves, Elvenar Helmet, Sword of Masters, Luck Cards, Trivia Shield, Star of Warriors, Ring of Camelot and Grepolis Totum etc.
The clan event logs help organizing attacks easier.
Players in the same league can launch rally attacks, this helps weak players to challenge powerful enemies.
The world conquest event for a game world starts in 50 days. Win the clash event to claim your empire online!
Earn million coins by taking part in our events.
Good management can make your small towns rush into an empire!
You can enable/disable castle defenses so you won’t lose all soldiers overnight.

About us>>

Email: support[at]thankgame.com
Website: www.thankgame.com

Lords of Kingdoms user reviews :

Its realy fun and i can make new friends and battle other people i dont know if i can play it online or. Offline So this game is fun

The best Medieval game I’ve found so far! Nice graphics, and your character can be male OR female, not just make like many games of this type. The tutorial is very thorough and you learn exactly what you need to know to quickly advance. And the devs aren’t just out to make it a money grabber, they seem to realize not all players are rich. The only thing, I wish there was a choice how your character looks. But in all, an awesome game!

A nice casual game to pass the time. Can be as serious or not serious about it as you want.

A pleasant way to kill some time. For a war game its relaxing. At first a few issues but was fixed quickly. I will continue to play. Join me

I like the game but seems kind of stressful procedure to up levels …and word map hard to navigate

Dynamic game. Lots of challenge

Very nice thank you for this game it better but you make it more better l

Game is good . But game is not working well

Very interesting and brain relaxing, i some times feel like playing for more than an hour. I enjoy it very well

its ok so far.. simple and easy to understand. yet still the same.. people who buy more gems will always have the advantage.

Good evening to you who is going to read it. First am going to write about game than I will write about the other things . This game is so good . It so intresting . On playing it I donot fell boring. We can play it any time because it is not a out door game .

This game very nice,but i think they have to update this game and have a new feature with login of facebook and gmail account.

Seriously Awesome Game…. Best and So Easy…….

I love this game. I only gave 4 stars because there’s always a room for improvement

this is a strategy game and this is so good for strategy people keep trying good luck

i dont like this game ever, so hard to use. poor graphics

Its great playing this game

Nice and thats not hard its very easy game for me

it good game most important it not pay to win game

i love this game good graphics and addictive

it’s good game it’s have great graphic

highly nice and highly tactical love it

Great game. Really makes me feel like a king

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