Luna Discordia – Darkness will overshadows the land

[Game] Luna Discordia

Luna Discordia  Legends from eons ago foretold that once every thousand years, darkness will overshadows the land, bring eternal night and a calamity will engulf the world.

Will Dia be able to escape this fate? What disasters will the appearance of ominous red and blue stars bring to the world? The ruthless army of the undead prepares for the end of the world. The lost key of fate and the restless Dia awaits your destiny!

Game Feature:

Semi-automatic action RPG

Detailed 2D Animated Characters

Vibrant Storyline with a twist of humor

Eventful dialogs between characters as the player adventures deeper into the world

Simple (yet) Strategic Skill System

Tapping or pulling the skills along with their timing will be the difference between victory or defeat!

Create the Ultimate team from a variety of hero types.

Enormous team build possibilities with 5 character types such as support, attack, and heal; plus with 5 different elements and team formations along with skill combos.

Advance AI combat system

Detailed auto combat system allows the players to create an efficient auto combat that best fits their team.

Personal Sanctum

Player’s own “home” where they can gather various resource and obtain rare equipment.

AFK System

Offline and auto sweep systems means that players don’t have to spend hours ingame!

Luna Discordia user reviews :

Wonderful decent graphic, fucntion and gacha rate draw. Easy and fun to play as much as watching the characters do their jobs. However, the leveling up and enhancing can use a simpler adjustment. All in all, worthwhile for a new game and doesn’t consume a lot of space thank you development team

Not bad. The game definitely pays homage to Epic 7 and Destiny Child in terms of User Interface, battle system, and functionality. Fortunately, the drop rates for gear don’t seem to be as horrible in this game as in Epic 7. The game would get 5-stars if it had an in-game guide for all the stats and how game functions work as well as some world lore and back stories for characters to flesh out the overall feel of the game. It still has potential for improvement.

It is fun and with a 3% 5* drop rate one of the fairest gatchas around. Graphics are good and its straight forward to follow. Can see some elements of epic 7 and destiny child in there but they have mixed it up and made it their own. I’m having fun with it and story line is fun. Give it a go kudos to developer

Missing descriptions and sanctuary being impossible to navigate (bugs out after using it once and you can’t enter any room) after this much time is not a good look. I’d stay as far away as possible from this “game”.

This game is what I’m looking for, Luna Storia characters with a different play style. Reward also very satisfying and a lot of gears to mix and match according to your play style. I hope Dev will add more events and more dungeon.

Is quite generous but since is an Epic7 like type game you will need a lot more copies of the unit to max, The story is ok and the art is cute and somewhat funny, give it a try, since it has idle funtions you can go casual on it

Enjoying the game so far, pacing is alright but game otherwise is fun for me and I haven’t spent any money to enjoy it so that’s a huge plus in my book!!

Rating it down to 3* since devs really need to lessen upgrade required on chars. Plus extending inventory space should just payed by gold not crystals. Else just UI improvement + more event contents.

Needs more game modes period other than that the summon rates are great its easy to get used to and skills are fun to watch and easy to upgrade hopfully they add more to do soon!!

Decent, ticks most of the boxes but loses a star because the art style is not the same for all characters. Make the effort please…

Beautiful Graphic, easy to level up, Amazing Game of all, If you could make some discount on the shop and some special packs ro help New players would be Perfect

It is literally a knockoff of Destiny Child. Pretty sure they “recreated” a lot of the UI from DC as well. It’s fun, but not nearly as well put together as DC so I’d rather play that.

It’s incredible. Like the other reviews say, it’s a mix of the best of E7 and DC. Wonderful game and a decent gacha to boot.

Nice graphic visual and easy to upgrade heroes. But hard to take 5 star gaccha.

The game os great but its really hard to gey 5 star heroes hahahah overall the game is super great i will give it 5 star

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