Luna Storia RE – Your brilliant strategizing power is requested

[Game] Luna Storia RE

Luna Storia RE  Calling all masterminds! Your brilliant strategizing power is requested. Only with your command can we achieve victory!

Luna Storia RE is a turn-based strategy role playing game. With unique attack patterns and skills for each hero, you must plan and optimize your attacks to maximize damage dealt to your opponents.

Every campaign, dungeon and challenge will test your ability to command your heroes, whom originate from fairy tales and legends all over. Enhance and upgrade your heroes and build your ultimate team. Increase your collection to assemble teams to conquer various challenges you will face. Epic boss fights will test you, but once you pass, bountiful rewards await you. One brilliant move could be the difference between crushing defeat or glorious victory. Dive into the wonderful and exciting world of Luna Storia RE.

Turn-based Strategy Role Playing Game
Super Cute Heroes
Satisfying Combo System
Competitive Guild System
Improved Hero Enhancement
Multiple Dungeon Modes
Offline Mode

Position your heroes to maximize your attacks or guard against your opponents!

Three Classes: Protector, Conqueror, Supporter. Each with a specialized role.
Five elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark. Unique strengths and weaknesses.
Ultimate Skills: Each hero has a unique Ultimate Skill which can turn the tide of battle.
Talents: Specialty skills which can give you an advantage.
Combos: Coordinate your attacks to deal the most damage.
Terrain: Gain bonuses from your surroundings.

Want to relax? Auto mode lets the heroes fight for you! Take command when the battle intensifies.

New offline mode means you can gather resources even when you are not in the game. Log back in and collect your rewards and upgrade your heroes.
Join Nana and jump into Luna Storia RE!

Luna Storia RE user reviews :

Totally not giving 5 stars for a 10x pull or anything haha… But! It hasn’t even been a full day since i downloaded this game, and I really like it! It’s pretty cute, and the humor is refreshingly dorky, which is what makes it funny. The devs don’t push you to buy packs, and it’s pretty easy to get resources. The gacha rates are fair, and the visuals are quite pleasant to look at as well, so I have nothing to complain about.

Enjoyable so far. I don’t play many strategy games so in my opinion it’s not too bad. Downside is that you would have to pull multiple of one unit to increase its stars. Took me while to figure out how to upgrade equipment since they never explained it or maybe I missed that part. But I managed to figure it out so maybe I was a little slow that time.

just… omg, it does get repetitive though, kind of wish they just removed combat and made it a story game, or let us skip combat… lol the gacha isnt too terrible, but you get a ton of stuff for free so not complaining. They give you an op healer at the start of the game, late game gets pretty ridiculous because she becomes so hard to take out in pvp, so pvp is kind of a mess… oh and just trust in the auto combat, waste less time.

The game is great, but it lacks skip button after certain amount of rounds or 3-4x speed. Why? It’s tedious to wait 15 rounds 3 times in a row every day during boss event or see every single guild commision battle or even the whole 30 rounds in arena. Doing dailies just takes too much time for my taste. If your goal is to just spend some good time and what i said above is not an issue for you then consider this review being 5*. You may even try to play manually, for better turn game experience

At the beginning the game is a bit chaotic with very minimal explanations and the movement is a bit over exaggerated but the game play is fairly simple and easy to understand after a couple of runs and the chances are fair with a lot of opportunities to obtain a lot of good characters and all resources are very accessible so I have no concerns of being low on a specific resource for long periods meaning there isn’t progression in the game for long periods.

It’s a really cute and fun game. It’s easy enough to be relaxing but not too easy to the point where it feels more like a chore. The gacha rates are very fair and the devs are really generous. It’s the perfect game to play if you just wanna unwind and relax. Lighthearted, cute, fun, and very generous!!

Super cute, but kinda glitchy and not great at explaining mechanics. Has a decent auto battle feature tho, so I’m not sweating it. Similar progression loop to AFK arena, but absolutely dumps units and currency on you Better translation than a lot of huge games too, and the UI doesn’t feel like deciphering demonic ravings. Which is pretty cool. A horse girl with a human butt stapled to her who keeps flying off the screen and incredibly deadly kitties can join your team, what more could you want?

I like that the it’s quite easy to get gems. I don’t think the devs rip us off at all and I have always loved the game, even the older one.

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